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Watch Some Wild Enduro Action in the Trees

KTM enduro action

This Takes Skill and Confidence

I’ve known few thrills as satisfying as shooting down a winding wooded trail, jumping over fallen trees, and ducking under branches while riding a quality enduro machine. The video below gives you a pretty clear look at what kind of action I’m talking about.

It was posted by the guys over at MoreBikes. It shows Australian KTM rider Daniel Milner and KTM team-mate Lyndon Snodgrass blasting along a woodland trail and really getting after it. The video isn’t really that long, coming in at only a minute. It’s taken via a helmet camera that was mounted on Snodgrass’s helmet. 

The video isn’t of the highest quality. However, it’s at least clear enough to see all the obstacles the riders take on. As you can see, they’re really moving down the trail. If this video doesn’t make you want to go out, buy a dirt bike, and then ride like crazy, I don’t know what will.