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Watch Indian Motorcycle’s Appaloosa Ice Racer Make the Baikal Mile

Indian workhorse Appaloosa

Running on a Frozen Siberian Lake

I reported a while back on the fact that Indian Motorcycle took its bike that was created in collaboration with Workhorse Speed Shop called Appaloosa to the Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival. The event took place from February 27 to March 1. Indian now has footage of the motorcycle doing its thing on the frozen lake. 

This motorcycle was built in partnership between Indian Motorcycle and Workhorse Speed Shop, and it’s based on the Indian Scout. It was made in 2019 for the Sultans of Sprint challenge. That bike was taken and upgraded for the Baikal Mile in Siberia. Rider Sebastien Lorentz was the man in the saddle of the bike for the Baikal run. The team had to modify the bodywork so that the bike could run on the lake’s surface. They also had to deal with some electrical issues due to the cold.

Overcoming those issues, the bike manages to put down the 8th best average time the first day. After three outings, it managed to put down the 16th best average time of 179,533. The next event for the motorcycle will be the Wheels & Waves event in Biarritz France. The goal there is to make the top three, according to RideApart.