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VP Racing Fuels Creates Renewable BioFuel for the Track

A side view of a racer in the MotoGP grid, racing his motorcycle

With both Formula1 and MotoGP having recently committed to using alternative, cleaner fuel on their future tracks, we can’t say that we didn’t see this one coming. 

VP Racing Fuels has apparently created a biofuel that boasts renewable ingredients. If what they say is true, this fuel could be a valuable addition to the circuit – and would make them big coin with current performance brands looking to keep up with the times. 

A side view of a racer in the MotoGP grid, racing his motorcycle

source: RoadRacing World

The report from RideApart states that VP Racing Fuels plans on adding the new biofuel to the usual lineup of performance fuels, lubricants and additives – and given that “Motorsports has always been the proving ground for various technological advancements when it comes to consumer vehicles,” we could very well see this option at your local gas pump in the coming years. 

“With enhanced concern over the global environment and an ever-increasing demand on the transportation of people and goods, government regulatory authorities continue to push for more stringent regulations on pollutants and CO2 emissions,” says Mark Walls, VP Racing Fuels Director of R&D. 

A view of the logo connected to VR Racing Fuels

Source: RideApart

Emissions reduction is the main reason on the docket, he explains, as “auto manufacturers continue to pursue advanced powertrains, such as electric and hybrid-electric vehicles to address this problem…we felt onboard fuel could play a part.”

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*Title media sourced from RoadRacing World*