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Video: ‘Live With Creativity’ Restores Honda CD70 Tank In Relaxing New Video

Honda CB70 Tank Restoration

Why bother with the satisfaction of restoration when you can watch someone do it for you?

There is nothing I enjoy more in the world than watching in-depth restoration videos with only audio from the process itself. On a slightly unrelated note, my favourite youtube channel makes videos just like this with no added audio doing engine restorations for vehicles.

Ever seen the ‘power washing porn’ subreddit? There are more communities than I can count dedicated to watching dirty things get cleaned. There is just something so satisfying about it.

In this video, YouTuber ‘Live With Creativity‘ takes a completely trashed Honda CD70 tank and restores it to what looks like brand new condition in the most recent instalment of this restoration process. Honestly, from the thumbnail alone, I thought there was not a snowballs-chance-in-hell this thing was gonna be restored to the point of perfection that the final product showcases; But as usual, I am left speechless with the skill level some of these back-yard enthusiasts possess.

The kicker of this ‘magic trick’ was when he added the rocks and rust remover to the inside of the tank to clean up the erosion and rust that may be permeating on the interior of the tank. Although it’s a simple trick I would have never thought in a million years that was due-process for an inside AND out tank clean-up. Call me naive, but I learn something new every time I bare witness to a restoration project on youtube.

These videos can also act as great guides and assistance in your own restoration projects as every single step of the process is carefully documented with no filler or fluff. Whether you’re watching for knowledge or falling asleep to the peaceful sounds of hard dedication to craft, I will always have a soft spot for content like this.