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VIDEO: Is the CBR500R A Good Everyday Motorcycle?

2016 Honda CBR500R first quarter
Honda CBR500R

Yes It Is, but There’s More to It Than That

There’s a ton of beginner motorcycles on the market for new riders to choose from, that’s no surprise. Many new riders have tons of confusing questions to sort through when getting into the motorcycle scene. Should I buy new or used? How long will it take for me to grow out of this motorcycle? Is this bike going to be uncomfortable for my daily commute? Can I save money on another option?

Spite’s new series on the Yammie Noob youtube channel puts motorcycles to the test with week-long ‘ownership’ sessions to see if they really are worth the money they cost. The CBr500R is a difficult option considering how much sheer ‘motorcycle’ a new rider can get for $7000 on the used market. 

Spite mentions that the bike comes in at a 6.5/10 on his rating scale, which makes sense due to it being a beginner-friendly bike but can be alarming to some when you take into account the fact that you can get something that would be a 9/10 when straying away from a ‘new motorcycle’. $12,000 bikes often drop their value to being worth $7000-$8000 after a few years of ownership, so what makes this bike worth the risk?