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Video evidence of helmet camera value

Video evidence of helmet camera value

This video is timely evidence of why riders should wear a helmet camera or at least attach a camera to their bike.

This London rider filmed a truck driver turning a corner, not seeing him and running over his beautiful Ducati Monster.

He posted the video in July 2015 and we ran an article about it.


Australian helmet laws

At that time police in several states were still fining riders with a helmet camera for having a non-compliant helmet.

Since then, road and transport ministers in each state have agreed to review and make uniform several road rules across the nation.

Among these is the rule about compliance of helmets.

It seems police in all states except Victoria have decided to hold a moratorium on helmet camera fines and await the results of the road rules talks.

States such as Western Australia and Queensland even seem to encourage helmet cameras as a safety device and a way of collecting vital crash evidence.

Since this video shows just how important camera attachments are for collecting evidence, we decided to re-published it.

Read the full story here about the move to make uniform road rules.

Back to the video evidence

Full credit to the Monster rider for keeping his cool, stepping of the bike and not blowing his stack with the driver. Let’s hope insurance covered him.

The truck driver says he didn’t see the rider while turning, but it’s quite obvious that the rider was clearly visible and the driver was concentrating on not hitting the other side of the road, rather than worrying about whether any motorists are in the street he was turning into.

helmet camera evidence
Dead Duc

It was nice to see the old lady who witnessed the incident gives the driver an earful, she gives the rider a nice hug.

The rider says at the end of the video: “Something tells me I’m not going to be able to ride that home.”

Despite losing his bike and his close shave with death, the rider seemingly felt no ill will towards the lorry driver.

He writes in the video’s description: “Finally the shock is kicking in…I realise how lucky I am to be in one piece today! I uploaded this video with the hope it will raise awareness of how dangerous the roads can be and how we all need to keep in mind hazards like blind spots! There are lessons for all of us here going forward! Please stay safe out there folks!”

It’s certainly a good lesson in videoing your ride for insurance purposes.


  1. It seems all too common for cops to be out there interpreting the law rather than just enforcing it. The amount of police time wasted fining people for helmet cameras/etc – stuff the cops themselves use – is laughable. I’m sure one of the main reasons they dislike helmet cameras is the fear of it being used against the cops …

    Seriously. Get back to policing stuff that matters … (or maybe even spend a bit more time at the range so they know how to actually properly use the weapons they carry …)

  2. We as motorcyclist see the value, of helmet cams over cameras mounted to our bikes. However trying to get the police and the road authorities, to come to some advantageous common ground is like pulling hens teeth.
    Sad really considering the police just love confiscating SD cards and scouring through hours of footage to find a traffic violation, yet when it comes to an accident investigation involving a motorcyclist they seem more interested in not come to a truthful conclusion and making up their own, time consuming and costly alternative unjust negative version against the motorcyclist.
    One really does wonder, what the hell the motives are, of VicPol in particular with their anti helmet camera stance. Think I know, but many would be telling me to take my tin foil hat off. So we will just have to see wont we. But sure as little green apples, give you the shits, Mr Fryer will fight like all hell against helmet cams, cause his got his own little agenda, and set of BS statistics to protect.

    1. Different experiences I suppose. I recently had a lady merge on to me as I was riding home at night through Fortitude Valley (Brisbane). I avoided her car, but she forced me close enough to the median strip a van coming the opposite direct tore off my mirror, thankfully my shoulder then checked the side of the van so I got straightened back up. I chased the old lady down (I was no where near as calm as the Ducati rider) got her to exchange details then went straight to the police (I was also concerned about a van driver reporting a kamikaze Honda riding hitting his van and riding off). The police officer I spoke with could not have been any better. He was on my side from the start and really keen to understand what happened. He actually noticed my Sena headset and hopefully asked if it was a camera so I could show footage (I am generally cynical but he genuinely wanted evidence to charge the lady). Anyway, a week later the cop called to let me know they were interviewing and likely to charge the woman.

      This was only my one-off experience and I know all cops aren’t as good (it helps this young guy mentioned he had ridden dirt bikes in the past and was thinking about riding) but I could not have been happier with how it went down. I too was skeptical about reporting it as I was worried they would defect my helmet or my aftermarket exhaust but the cop had zero interest in pinging me for anything (and actively wanted to sort the lady out).

  3. Vic police are the most evil police in the country. They routinely violate your rights and are very trigger happy, they are coming close to the trigger happiness of those yank cops. Vic police are the biggest tax scammers in the country. Notice how they could not get an arrest warrant for the “immigrant” who mowed 6 people with his car, but skip a $40 parking fine and the coppers will be on your doorstep very soon. Their priorities are twisted.

  4. That truck driver should be fined and have his licence suspended maybe even charged with attempted murder I know it’s probably extreme but that was just ridiculous. I drive Semi’s for a living it beggars belief to see what he did in the video. If you hadn’t seen it on video you probably wouldn’t believe it.

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