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VIDEO: Africa Twin Factory Assembly Line Documented

‘How It’s Made’ for Bikes

The manufacturing process is always an amazing thing to bear witness to. Modern technology and innovation have complimented the process and turned it into an amazing symphony of perfect systems and seamless integration.

I always enjoy watching the building process of literally anything and everything – I’m sure we all do. How many hours have we all accumulatively invested in watching ‘How It’s Made’ on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

In this video, AutoMoto takes us into a Japanese Honda assembly line for an inside look into the 2016 Africa Twin manufacturing process. The video is split into three sections: engine assembly, body assembly, and final inspection/testing.

Honda has factories all over the world. You wan watch manufacturing processes on youtube at featuring different shops across the globe. Keep in mind, Honda is also one of the biggest global car builders in modern history so their process for building bikes has greatly benefited from their experience in the automotive industry. 

The 2020 Honda Africa Twin is a dual-sport motorcycle designed to go anywhere. It’s roots take place in the dangerous Dakar Rally, so the bike is really designed to withstand the abuse that comes from riding it like a bat-out-of-hell. This is the main reason why it is important they take care when building them at the factory, as no oversight can be left unattended.

It features a fly-by-wire 1084cc engine producing around 100 horsepower featuring a 6-speed transmission for low-end gearing when taking it through the mud or sand. With a base MSRP: $14,399 – a small tag for a vehicle that can take you quite literally anywhere on earth. If you purchased one in 2016, you could very well have unknowingly bought one of the very bikes being built in this video.