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Velocity Gear Formula Gloves Review

Velocity Gear Formula Motorcycle Gloves

Velocity Gear Formula Gloves
Gear Formula Gloves Review Summary
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The Velocity Gear Formula gloves are roomy and comfortable and loaded with every protective feature in the book. They also meet the EN13594:2002 standards for resistance against cutting, tearing, seam burst and abrasion, which provides the owner confidence that the gloves actually will perform when needed.

The Velocity Gear Formula gloves are the real thing, unlike many “race” oriented motorcycle gloves that focus on looks rather than performance. These are no-compromise race gloves with just about every protective feature available, right down to the attached 3rd and 4th finger system which can help prevent pinky finger rollover during a crash.

The big difference between the Formula gloves and the poseurs is that these meet the EN13594:2002 standards. That includes cut resistance, tear resistance, seam burst resistance and abrasion resistance, which gives some assurance that the gloves won’t give up as soon as they hit the ground. We’re using the term “motorcycle race glove”, but that doesn’t mean that the Formula gloves won’t work for street riding. In fact, with their roomy fit, comfortable lining and larger-than-average gauntlet, the Formula gloves are just the thing for street riders wanting race-quality protection. 

Protective Features, Stitching and Gauntlet

All of the Velocity Gear gloves in this series feature the Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) on the palms.

This consists of two sliders sewn into the palm of the glove at the heel of the hand. They’re designed to protect the scaphoid bones and allow the gloves to slide, rather than grab and twist.

The Formula gloves feature a combination of kangaroo and cow hide that includes Schoeller Keprotec stitching material, which can be seen in the photos as the straw-colored lines that are beautifully applied throughout the gloves and in double rows where required for extra strength.

The gauntlet used by Velocity Gear on the Formula gloves is nice and big and roomy, which is really a nice change, as we’ve been harping on the issue of too-small motorcycle glove gauntlets for some time.

The thickly padded gauntlet secures under the wrist and the leather is thick and there are extra padded sections of protective material that looks like Kevlar or carbon fiber threads on the top and bottom.

A second wrist closure is located on the underside of the gloves, covered by a flap of leather. The Formula gloves have no trouble staying put on our hands after they are cinched up.

Extra sections of leather are located on the outer edge of the palm and the Knox sliders are also attached to an extra section of leather on the palm; the leather continues up around the outside of the hand to provide even more protection.

The TPU protectors cover the top and middle knuckles of the four fingers and the thumb has two large sections of extra leather protection.

A large main knuckle protector is double-stitched to the glove and does not float on a separate section, but the gloves are nicely padded and the protector is large enough to give plenty of comfort.

Fit and Sizing

The size large Formula gloves shown here are oversized by at least one and perhaps two sizes.

So these fit more like an XL or even an XXL. Velocity Gear said these were from the first production run and the sizing will be more consistent with their size charts. The fingers and the fit is otherwise generous, making these gloves very comfortable.


The Velocity Gear Formula gloves also come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and the Velocity Gear “Half Price” replacement guarantee: “If your glove is destroyed for any reason we’ll replace it for half of it’s original purchase price, no questions asked.”


The Velocity Gear Formula gloves feature all of the protective features available in a glove designed for motorcycle racing, along with the security of knowing they meet the various ECE tests.

They’re not inexpensive, but they are in line with what some other manufacturers are charging for this level of protection but without the ECE approval.

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Manufacturer:Velocity Gear
List Price (2009): $225.00
Made In: Pakistan
Colors: Black/Red
Sizes: XS-2XL
Review Date: October 2009
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