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Veldt gives head start to helmet holders

Veldt Trophy Helmet Head start for helmet holders

This Veldt Trophy head helmet holder could be one of the best and coolest ways to store your motorcycle helmet when you’re not using it.

Isle of Man helmet company Veldt now makes these “heads” that you mount on your wall to hang your helmet.

They not only protect your helmet, but also make a great “trophy” display in your garage or even your living room!

The design is inspired by French artist Constantin Brancusi’s famous Sleeping Muse bronze sculpture.

Head start for helmet holders
Brancusi’s Sleeping Muse

Since the helmet-holder is roughly the same shape as your head, it shouldn’t distort the lining or inner foam of the helmet.

The Veldt trophy helmet holder is not a cheap option at $US100, but it does look pretty cool.Veldt Trophy Helmet Head start for helmet holders

Helmet storage tips

You should never put your helmet on a hatrack-style peg or on your motorcycle mirror as this compresses the foam inside the helmet.

It may not only cause a dent in the foam, but also make the helmet loose-fitting.

Placing a helmet on a flat surface is probably the best way to store a helmet, with the helmet bag as a cover if you are leaving it for a while.

However, be careful in hot conditions as we have found the vinyl on the bottom of the helmet can melt and stick to the surface.

So when you pick the helmet up, it peels away some of the vinyl.

Try to find a cool and dry place to store your helmet.

Veldt helmets

We have a limited-edition Veldt helmet made especially to celebrate the launch of the American Vanguard Roadster motorcycle.

Like the trophy head, the retro-designed helmets are not cheap at €390 (about $A600) for an open-face, €450 ($A680) with visor, €510 ($A775) with chin guard, or €590 ($A890) for a full face.

The design is similar to other retro helmets such as the Bell Bullit and Biltwell Gringo which also feature narrow chin bars.

But the Veldt is different because it can be adapted to four different helmet types: full-face with and without a visor and open face with or without a visor.

The chin bar and visor are fitted by high-quality allen bolts for a very firm and secure fit.

Read our full review here.

Custom Veldt helmets

If you want to design your own Veldt helmet, you can visit their website and use their “configurator” where you select paint, liner colours, trim and styles.

In the wake of Veldt making limited-edition helmets in collaboration with boutique motorcycle manufacturer Vanguard, the company is now making Mark 1 builders edition helmets.

The first is the Clutch helmet with a visor peak made in collaboration with Clutch Motorcycles of Paris.

Veldt Clutch peak helmet
Veldt Clutch peak helmet