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Vanderhall Releases Offroad Vehicle: the Vanderhall Navarro

vanderhall Navarro

Everything You Loved About Vanderhall, But Offroad

The three-wheeled vehicle seller Vanderhall has a new 200,000 square foot expansion for production, and the company will use some of that space to make a new vehicle called the Vanderhall Navarro. It’s a four-wheeled electric offroad machine. 

There’s always an argument about three-wheelers with steering wheels really being motorcycles, and I think that’s a fair argument, but that doesn’t keep them from being cool. Jim, Cameron, and I all drove Vanderhall’s vehicles at AIMExpo in the Before-COVID-Time, and found it to be a hell of a fun machine.

The fact that the company has branched out to four-wheeled machines tells me that it definitely sees its machines more as cars than motorcycles, and I think that’s accurate, but I’m sure the new Navarro will be absolutely awesome. So, not motorcycle, but still friggin cool.

“In an effort to provide new and disruptive products to bolster our dealer’s profitability, cement our brand’s status as the premium powersports manufacturer, and expand our total market share, Vanderhall is pleased to announce the Navarro as our next evolutionary model,” said R. Scott Bell, Vanderhall COO. “The four-wheel, all-electric, off-road Vanderhall Navarro will have many groundbreaking technologies and firsts for any production powersports model.

The vehicle won’t be released until 2022. The price for this new model has not yet been announced, but there’s still plenty of time for the company to announce it. I’d expect it will be a notable jump over the current offerings.

I’m hoping this offroader will allow Vanderhall to continue growing and expanding. I dig the company’s three-wheelers much more than something like the Polaris Slingshot, so I want to see more three-wheel vehicles in the future. If the Navarro can help its bottom line so that it can produce more cool three-wheelers, then I’m all about it.