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Valentine’s Day for motorcyclists

Valentine's Day

A joy shared is a joy doubled, so taking your partner for a pillion ride is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow. (Feb 14)

Hence the meme at the top. I had to explain it to Mrs MBW as she thought it might be rude. Basically it means it is easier to put your trust in someone who you sleep with than to trust someone with your life on a bike. So riding pillion shows an incredible amount of love and trust.Valentine's Day

For the riders, it shows that they are willing to jeopardise their bike’s performance by taking a pillion along. How much more love can you show!

Well, you could also show your love by buying her (or him) a present for Valentine’s Day. And what better way to show your love than to buy them a motorcycle present?

To make the choices easier, Victory Motorcycles and Indian Motorcycle have set up online catalogues and a gift registry. Although with little time to spare, you’ll have to go into your nearest dealer and pick off the shelves.

Both brands have good quality and fashionable gear for the pillion-in-a-million.

So get out there and buy your pillion a gift for VD and take them for a nice ride tomorrow.