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Ural AIR outfit adds drone

Ural AIR with drone

Ural Australia will import the Russian Ural AIR outfit which includes a DJI Spark drone and a special discrete and waterproof compartment with a launching platform!

Only 40 of the models will be released worldwide costing $27,990 (+ on road costs), says Ural Australia spokeswoman Clare Mailler.

Ural AIR with drone
(All images are overseas left-hand drive versions)

“We’ve certainly been getting quite a few enquiries so we are planning on bringing in a couple for our market,” she says.

“They are due to arrive with our next shipment of bikes.”

Videoing your ride has become big business for action camera companies such as GoPro.

The latest Triumph Scrambler 1200 actually has an interface with the instruments so you can control a GoPro via switches on the handlebars.

AIR DroneUral AIR with drone

Now drone-mounted cameras are becoming the new fad for capturing your ride.

Or as Ural says, their drone can help you find obstacles on the track ahead.

“When the trail ends or nightfall is looming, the rider or passenger becomes a pilot, sending out their eye in the sky to determine the best route or quickest escape,” they say.Ural AIR with drone

The Ural AIR comes with a Chinese-made DJI Spark drone that allows the user to control it with hand gesture instead of joysticks.

You can use your hands to fly it and start and stop recording.Ural AIR with drone

You can still use a controller, but either way flying the drone would obviously be the responsibility of your pillion when moving!

The drone can circle a subject, take selfies and create 180-degree photo panoramas by stitching 21 images together.

Ural AIR with drone
Launching pad

It can be launched straight from its waterproof container which has a USB charging port to keep the drone charged up.

There is also a telescopic selfie stick and a windsock s the “pilot” can assess wind speed when stationary. If you use it when it’s moving it might retard progress of the 30kW 749cc flat twin! Ural AIR with drone

Ural Air LE is a standard-equipped Ranger-based model fitted with Deluxe Solo Seat and, of course the drone. 

Ural AIR with drone
Solo seat

It comes in Slate Grey metallic paint with satin finish and features all black powertrain. 

Included wth the drone are intelligent flight batteries, charger, micro-USB cable, power cable, extra propeller pair, DJI Remote and storage box.Ural AIR with drone

All images of the AIR in this article are overseas left-hand drive versions.

They have an on-demand two-wheel-drive system. The Aussie conversion to right-hand drive disables this function.Ural AIR with drone

Ural prices (+ORC):

2018 Ural cT: from $21,780

2018 Ural Ranger from $24,970

Ural Ranger

+ $1000 custom paint

+ $1000 black powertrain

2018 Ural Ranger Sahara $26,970

2018 Ural Ranger Sahara with Off Road Package $28,770

Upgraded Off Road Package $1800: Includes H4 LED Headlight $176; Screen $280; Fender Rack $192.50; Sidecar light guards, black x 2 $310; Sidecar nose rack $325; Ural Hand Guards $198; Sidecar bumper rear large black $315; Headight Rock Guard $195. Fitting $120.2017 Ural Australia

Optional extra (not included in price): Black Ceramic Coated Exhaust $925

2017 Ranger in Deep Green Metallic: $23,970