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Upgrade Your KTM Enduro With a New WP XPLOR Pro 8946 Shock

Ride Quality Will Either Make You Or Break You.

Enduro riding is not for the faint of heart; It’s a high-risk style of riding that takes a toll on both you and your machine. When it comes to climbing rocky hills on uneven terrain it’s important to hold your upgrades close as you can gain quite an advantage from a few modifications.

Suspension components are one of those modifications. WP Suspension just announced the launch of their new XPLOR Pro 8946 Shock for KTM enduro bikes. WP has a long history in the professional Enduro racing scene and provides many parts to the sports top factory teams.

XPLOR Pro 8946 is designed with rear tire contact in mind. Without an upgraded shock the rear wheel is free to bounce around and skip small obstacles that otherwise would give you more traction to launch up your hill. If your rear wheel isn’t on the ground, your likelihood of making it up that 45°, 67-foot rock obstacle is slim.

Kiss your traction woes goodby, because the XPLOR Pro 8946 is designed with exactly this in mind. The SUPERTRAX and PROGRESSIVE DAMPENING SYSTEM (PDS) work together in perfect harmony to ensure that the rear wheel is glued to the dirt no matter what’s going on with you and the rest of the bike.

The rebound speed can be adjusted and moved as desired so you can be the judge of how much contact you want when hovering over the ground to improve your acceleration when returning back to earth.

The WP XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock will be available on September 21st for the bikes listed:

KTM: EXC (150, 250, 300); EXC-F (250, 350, 450, 500); XC-W (150, 250, 300); XCF-W (350, 500). -From 2017-

Please visit if you are interested in picking one up for your KTM Enduro bike today.