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Uber’s Ride-Hailing Service Makes It’s Way to Paris

Hop On, We’re Going Out

UberMoto is just what you’d expect; Uber for motorcycles. You open your app, set your destination, and within no time your driver (or in this case, rider) will show up just in the knick of time so you aren’t late for your appointment at the Ducati dealership to pick up the bike they’ve been wrenching on for you.

Why pick an Uber motorcycle instead of a regular car? European and Asian countries have benefited greatly from lane filtering and sharing laws that allow riders to split lanes to speed up overall traffic for everyone; meaning you can get to your destination faster than if you decided to take a taxi or traditional form of rideshare transportation.

You may find it strange or unsafe to hop on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle in prime-time traffic, but luckily Uber ensures the drivers must provide ample protective gear – helmet, jacket gloves – to keep you safe on your expedited journey.

When using a ride share service, you’re going to pay more the quicker you get to your destination. With bikes being able to split lanes and cut down commute times by a sizable chunk you can expect that the pricing for this service is going to be higher. It is also smart to take into account that Uber as a brand is going to be paying a lot more money on insurance for passengers in the event of a collision – which on a motorcycle is often far more dangerous.

Currently Uber is only testing the motorcycle ride-share service in Paris, but if they are successful you can expect them to bring this service to many crowded European hot-spots down the line.