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Triumph recalls Trophy over brake issue

2017 Triumph Trophy SE

Triumph Australia has issued a recall over a potential brake failure in its 2013-2017 Trophy and Trophy SE models.

This brake recall is not linked to the forthcoming global recall over Brembo brakes.

This is a new issue involving incorrectly routed wires exiting the ignition switch may be damaged by contact with the front brake hose.

According to the official recall notice issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, “if the wires are damaged, motorcycle lighting may be lost unexpectedly or the engine may stall”.

This could increase the “risk of an accident or injury to the rider and other road users”.

Triumph Australia will attempt to advise Trophy owners to bring in their bikes for a free repair.

The vehicle identification numbers (VINs) of the 173 affected Trophy models are listed at the end of this article.

Even though manufacturers and importers contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle recalls as a service to all riders.

In Australia, recall notices are issued by the manufacturer and the Department of Infrastructure through a voluntary industry code under the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

While any recall is not good news for the manufacturer, it shows that they are largely diligent in fixing problems.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

Affected VINs

SMTV2H11E9D567509 SMTV2H10E9D587196 SMTV2H11E9F686418
SMTV2H11E9D571991 SMTV2H10E9D587506 SMTV2H11E9F687203
SMTV2H11E9D572011 SMTV2H10E9D587709 SMTV2H11E9F691353
SMTV2H11E9D572104 SMTV2H10E9D587751 SMTV2H11E9F691539
SMTV2H11E9D572163 SMTV2H10E9D587774 SMTV2H11E9G718076
SMTV2H11E9D572177 SMTV2H10E9D588217 SMTV2H11E9G718946
SMTV2H11E9D572190 SMTV2H10E9D588265 SMTV2H11E9G718996
SMTV2H11E9D572445 SMTV2H10E9D588330 SMTV2H11E9G721576
SMTV2H11E9D572450 SMTV2H10E9D588345 SMTV2H11E9G736541
SMTV2H11E9D572495 SMTV2H10E9D588704 SMTV2H11E9G738973
SMTV2H11E9D572548 SMTV2H10E9D588771 SMTV2H11E9G739578
SMTV2H11E9D572564 SMTV2H10E9D588789 SMTV2H11E9G741382
SMTV2H11E9D572665 SMTV2H10E9D588807 SMTV2H11E9G742158
SMTV2H11E9D572712 SMTV2H10E9D589037 SMTV2H11E9H769667
SMTV2H11E9D572741 SMTV2H10E9D589130 SMTV2H11E9H770155
SMTV2H11E9D572747 SMTV2H10E9D589984 SMTV2H11E9H771367
SMTV2H11E9D572805 SMTV2H10E9D590485 SMTV2H11E9H771972
SMTV2H11E9D572811 SMTV2H10E9D593102 SMTV2H11E9H772517
SMTV2H11E9D572816 SMTV2H10E9D593240 SMTV2H11E9H772774
SMTV2H11E9D572824 SMTV2H10E9D593287 SMTV2H11E9H773006
SMTV2H11E9D572846 SMTV2H10E9D593343 SMTV2H11E9H773171
SMTV2H11E9D572859 SMTV2H10E9D593418 SMTV2H11E9H774939
SMTV2H11E9D572878 SMTV2H10E9D593440 SMTV2H11E9H774979
SMTV2H11E9D572894 SMTV2H10E9D594048 SMTV2H11E9H775150
SMTV2H11E9D572907 SMTV2H10E9D594124 SMTV2H11E9H775278
SMTV2H11E9D572917 SMTV2H10E9D594278 SMTV2H11E9H775448
SMTV2H11E9D572935 SMTV2H10E9D594377 SMTV2H11E9H777199
SMTV2H11E9D573229 SMTV2H10E9D594471 SMTV2H11E9H777232
SMTV2H11E9D573238 SMTV2H10E9D594707 SMTV2H11E9H777244
SMTV2H11E9D573265 SMTV2H11E9E623011 SMTV2H11E9H777251
SMTV2H11E9D573273 SMTV2H11E9E623067 SMTV2H11E9H777704
SMTV2H11E9D573290 SMTV2H11E9E623155 SMTV2H11E9H777724
SMTV2H11E9D573296 SMTV2H11E9E623951 SMTV2H11E9H777808
SMTV2H11E9D573316 SMTV2H11E9E624008 SMTV2H11E9H778150
SMTV2H11E9D573318 SMTV2H11E9E624025 SMTV2H11E9H778175
SMTV2H11E9D573406 SMTV2H11E9E624850 SMTV2H11E9H778282
SMTV2H11E9D573416 SMTV2H11E9E624904 SMTV2H11E9H778317
SMTV2H11E9D573431 SMTV2H11E9E625124 SMTV2H11E9H778334
SMTV2H11E9D573471 SMTV2H11E9E625223 SMTV2H11E9H778343
SMTV2H11E9D574179 SMTV2H11E9E625278 SMTV2H11E9H778372
SMTV2H11E9D580664 SMTV2H11E9E625325 SMTV2H11E9H778559
SMTV2H11E9D580685 SMTV2H11E9E626029 SMTV2H11E9H778614
SMTV2H11E9D580702 SMTV2H11E9E626201 SMTV2H11E9H778645
SMTV2H11E9D580713 SMTV2H11E9E626213 SMTV2H11E9H778758
SMTV2H11E9D580723 SMTV2H11E9E626809 SMTV2H11E9H778802
SMTV2H11E9D580734 SMTV2H11E9E627534 SMTV2H11E9H778837
SMTV2H11E9D580742 SMTV2H11E9E628205 SMTV2H11E9H778875
SMTV2H11E9D580847 SMTV2H11E9E630252 SMTV2H11E9H778926
SMTV2H11E9D580871 SMTV2H11E9F663725 SMTV2H11E9H779092
SMTV2H11E9D580898 SMTV2H11E9F664142 SMTV2H11E9H779187
SMTV2H11E9D580917 SMTV2H11E9F670239 SMTV2H11E9H779281
SMTV2H11E9D580943 SMTV2H11E9F670638 SMTV2H11E9H779662
SMTV2H11E9D580980 SMTV2H11E9F671139 SMTV2H11E9H779759
SMTV2H11E9D580992 SMTV2H11E9F671853 SMTV2H11E9H779798
SMTV2H11E9D581001 SMTV2H11E9F677172
SMTV2H11E9D581005 SMTV2H11E9F677630
SMTV2H11E9D581017 SMTV2H11E9F678821
SMTV2H11E9D581025 SMTV2H11E9F679270
SMTV2H11E9D581147 SMTV2H11E9F682941
SMTV2H11E9D581174 SMTV2H11E9F683371