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Triumph recalls Thruxton and Speed Twin

Triumph Speed Twin a poor-man's Thruxton

A spokesman for the Australian distributor, Peter Stevens Importers, confirms “Australian bikes are affected and customers are being contacted as information comes to hand”.

An official notice for the Speed Twin has been posted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission with VINs (attached at the end of this article).

There is no official notice yet for the Thruxton.

Thruxton recall

Triumph Thruxton and Rocket TFC
Thruxton TFC

The sidestand recall apparently affects 2016-2018 Thruxton, 2016-2019 Thruxton R, and 2020 Thruxton TFC models.

It seems the spring may vibrate through resonance, weakening it and causing it to break.

If this happens, it could allow the side stand switch to activate and shut off the engine.

The replacement spring sits inside a rubber sleeve, preventing the resonance.

Speed Twin recall

Triumph Speed Twin a poor-man's Thruxton
Speed Twin

Affected 2019-2020 Speed Twin models may develop a loose ball joint in the gearshift lever linkage thanks to contaminated thread locking compound.

This could result in excessive movement at the end of the shift lever and riders will find gear shifts more difficult or even impossible.

Triumph can fix this issue by simply applying a new thread locking compound to the existing components.

This follows a Speed Twin recall last year for leaking coolant.

Owners of the above motorcycles should ask to schedule an inspection with an authorised Triumph Dealer “as soon as possible”. If it needs a fix, it will be free of charge.

Bonneville recalls

The “Bonneville” range has been the subject of several recalls since they were introduced in 2016:


Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• New Zealand

• Canada

VINs of affected Speed Twins

SMTDAD85H4K930677 SMTDAD85H4K933515 SMTDAD85H4L966209 SMTDAD85H4L984056
SMTDAD85H4K930685 SMTDAD85H4K933520 SMTDAD85H4L966215 SMTDAD85H4L985409
SMTDAD85H4K930689 SMTDAD85H4K934602 SMTDAD85H4L966220 SMTDAD85H4L985413
SMTDAD85H4K930692 SMTDAD85H4K934609 SMTDAD85H4L966229 SMTDAD85H4L987547
SMTDAD85H4K930696 SMTDAD85H4K934618 SMTDAD85H4L966234 SMTDAD85H4L987664
SMTDAD85H4K931332 SMTDAD85H4K936593 SMTDAD85H4L966243 SMTDAD85H4L988711
SMTDAD85H4K931336 SMTDAD85H4K936598 SMTDAD85H4L966337 SMTDAD85H4L988795
SMTDAD85H4K931342 SMTDAD85H4K936604 SMTDAD85H4L966409 SMTDAD85H4L990445
SMTDAD85H4K931346 SMTDAD85H4K938830 SMTDAD85H4L966523 SMTDAD85H4L991069
SMTDAD85H4K931349 SMTDAD85H4K938846 SMTDAD85H4L966924 SMTDAD85H4L991838
SMTDAD85H4K931355 SMTDAD85H4K940552 SMTDAD85H4L966935 SMTDAD85H4L991852
SMTDAD85H4K931357 SMTDAD85H4K940557 SMTDAD85H4L966943 SMTDAD85H4L994029
SMTDAD85H4K931359 SMTDAD85H4K940562 SMTDAD85H4L966993
SMTDAD85H4K931361 SMTDAD85H4K940568 SMTDAD85H4L966999
SMTDAD85H4K931367 SMTDAD85H4K940764 SMTDAD85H4L969914
SMTDAD85H4K931370 SMTDAD85H4K940775 SMTDAD85H4L969936
SMTDAD85H4K931373 SMTDAD85H4K941333 SMTDAD85H4L969938
SMTDAD85H4K931376 SMTDAD85H4K942449 SMTDAD85H4L970915
SMTDAD85H4K931427 SMTDAD85H4K943877 SMTDAD85H4L970924
SMTDAD85H4K931430 SMTDAD85H4K943881 SMTDAD85H4L970928
SMTDAD85H4K931433 SMTDAD85H4K944068 SMTDAD85H4L970933
SMTDAD85H4K931439 SMTDAD85H4K944084 SMTDAD85H4L970947
SMTDAD85H4K931442 SMTDAD85H4K944290 SMTDAD85H4L971260
SMTDAD85H4K931445 SMTDAD85H4K944414 SMTDAD85H4L971264
SMTDAD85H4K931876 SMTDAD85H4K944422 SMTDAD85H4L971270
SMTDAD85H4K931893 SMTDAD85H4K946309 SMTDAD85H4L971273
SMTDAD85H4K931913 SMTDAD85H4K946314 SMTDAD85H4L975746
SMTDAD85H4K931936 SMTDAD85H4K948866 SMTDAD85H4L975748
SMTDAD85H4K931961 SMTDAD85H4K948874 SMTDAD85H4L976606
SMTDAD85H4K931982 SMTDAD85H4K950427 SMTDAD85H4L976607
SMTDAD85H4K932007 SMTDAD85H4K950431 SMTDAD85H4L976609
SMTDAD85H4K932019 SMTDAD85H4K953315 SMTDAD85H4L977057
SMTDAD85H4K932031 SMTDAD85H4K953948 SMTDAD85H4L977513
SMTDAD85H4K932044 SMTDAD85H4L956359 SMTDAD85H4L977517
SMTDAD85H4K932053 SMTDAD85H4L956367 SMTDAD85H4L977519
SMTDAD85H4K932062 SMTDAD85H4L957850 SMTDAD85H4L977521
SMTDAD85H4K932067 SMTDAD85H4L958274 SMTDAD85H4L977523
SMTDAD85H4K932075 SMTDAD85H4L958612 SMTDAD85H4L977524
SMTDAD85H4K932322 SMTDAD85H4L958616 SMTDAD85H4L977526
SMTDAD85H4K932333 SMTDAD85H4L963812 SMTDAD85H4L977966
SMTDAD85H4K932343 SMTDAD85H4L963884 SMTDAD85H4L978484
SMTDAD85H4K932351 SMTDAD85H4L963970 SMTDAD85H4L979046
SMTDAD85H4K932361 SMTDAD85H4L964028 SMTDAD85H4L979047
SMTDAD85H4K932369 SMTDAD85H4L964109 SMTDAD85H4L980095
SMTDAD85H4K932377 SMTDAD85H4L965824 SMTDAD85H4L980147
SMTDAD85H4K932384 SMTDAD85H4L965829 SMTDAD85H4L980994