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Top 10 funniest motorcycle ads

Funniest motorcycle ads

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen motorcycle commercials on TV, let alone something clever, inspiring and funny, so we have collected our favourite funniest video bike ads over the years.

Before we get into the funniest ads, we would like to pose a question: Have changing attitudes and the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) wiped out funny motorcycle advertising?

Last year we checked the ASB site for complaints about motorcycle ads and found several that slammed ads because they were sexist, the riders did illegal stunts or they weren’t wearing the correct safety gear.

Ok, so we understand that safety and legality are important, but it just kills the thrill and fun of motorcycling.

There have been no complaints since. Quite frankly we haven’t seen any motorcycle ads since that have inspired us either.

Is this why there is such a downturn in motorcycle sales worldwide, particularly among younger people?

Motorcycling is not only fun, it can sometimes be funny! And humour is one of the best tools for selling.

So we have compiled our list of favourites and hope motorcycle companies start tickling our funny bones again.

Top 10 funniest motorcycle ads:

1 Bored boardroom

We’ve all caught ourselves day dreaming at work about riding.

2 Kawasaki tractor

Love everything about this: the Kawasaki-green tractor, the driver’s hat, the speed camera photo and especially the music!

3 Kawasaki high five

Same company, same music, same eastern European location.

4 Impossible Dream

Ok, so there are cars, boats and even planes in this ad, but the bikes steal the show.

5 Table cloth trick

This 2010 ad features an S 1000 RR pulling the old table cloth trick. BMW says: “Don’t try this at home with your dishes. Or your mom’s ones.”

6 Aprilia replies

In reply to BMW, Aprilia says “Tricks are not our talent”.

7 Get a real bike

Aprilia then ups the ante with this cracker about wankers.

8 Sperm bank

Aprilia does it again!

9 Walk the dog

This Gixxer ad is getting pretty old, but it never fails to raise a smile — unless you’re an animal lover!

10 I got a Ducati

Men only hear one thing when it comes to motorcycles.

11 Rocket science

Ok, humour us a little with 11 entries in our top 10 funniest motorcycle ads! This is British humour at its best.

  • Do you have any favourite funny motorcycle ads you’d like to share? Leave your comments below and a link to your ad choices.