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6 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Motorcycle

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Owning and riding a motorcycle is a unique experience. There is almost no other experience that can be compared to it. To a motorcycle aficionado, the experience of riding can even be greater than driving their favorite car model. While having a motorbike is a great thing, your machine is going to need proper care to last long and perform as per your expectations.

So what are the different things you can do to ensure that your motorbike keeps working at its optimal levels and lasts much longer than your expectations.

1. Check & Replace Engine Oil Regularly

This is perhaps the most important step you can take to ensure that your motorbike lasts long. In fact, it can be as important as getting anonymous auto insurance quote and choosing a comprehensive policy to protect your motorcycle.

  • Make sure to check the engine oil quality and level before and after every long ride
  • Replace the oil every 2000 miles
  • Some motorcycles can have longer engine oil replacement schedule, but it adds to engine life to change the oil before the scheduled replacement period
  • Make sure to use the recommended grade of engine oil
  • Oil consumption increases during summer and reduces during winter

2. Brake-in the Motorcycle Properly

While checking and replacing engine oil is the first rule to increasing the life of your motorbike, it is also crucial that you brake-in your motorcycle properly. The manufacturer will have certain rules to be followed for the first 300 or so miles of your motorcycle’s life. Make sure to follow these rules to prevent any damage to the engine. If you fail to follow these tips, you could cause irreparable damage to your motorcycle.

3. Check & Lube the Chain RegularlyMotul Chain lifespan

This is another crucial step in enhancing the lifespan of your motorcycle. As simple and trivial as it may seem, this can also improve the ride quality.

  • Make sure that the chain always has proper slack
  • Keep in mind that excess tension can cause issues with the gearbox bearings and the wheels
  • Make sure the chain is lubed after a ride, enabling better oil absorption
  • The chain should be cleaned every time before lubing

4. Regular Lubrication

It is not just the engine that needs lubrication. It is also recommended to check the following components once a year and lubricate them:

  • Suspension linkages
  • Swingarm
  • Steering-head bearings
  • Wheel bearings

It is also important to check the fork oil and replace it if needed. All this will help keep your motorbike running smoothly and prevent any wear and tear.

5. Clean or Replace the Air Filter Regularly

The air filter plays a very important role in the efficient functioning of your motorcycle’s engine. If you keep riding with a clogged filter, it can potentially cause damage to the engine as impure air can enter. Clogged filter prevents the formation of the right mixture of fuel and air.

Check your motorbike’s owner’s manual for the frequency of air filter cleaning and replacement. It is important to clean or replace it every time you return from a ride on a dirty or dusty road.

Some of the other steps you can take to extend your motorbike’s life include checking the brake pads, maintaining proper tire pressure, checking and replacing the spark plug, and checking the battery.

6. Ride Motorcycle Properly

While superbikes are designed for high-performance and you can rev them up to their limits, it is not recommended to do so often. In fact, one of the most effective ways of extending the life of your motorbike is to use it properly.  It is recommended to follow these tips in this regard:

  • Avoid sudden and hard accelerations
  • Avoid sudden braking
  • Keep your motorcycle below speeds limits most of the time
  • Over-speeding can cause overheating and damage the engine

Even if you have a superbike, it is important to realize that normal road conditions are much more different than what it is in the MotoGP. In professional racing, motorcycles are checked and parts are replaced after a few rounds. That is not possible in the real world. So follow all these tips to increase the lifespan of your motorbike.