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The Zontes 800cc Could Challenge the MT-09 in 2022


A Good Contender From China

You probably haven’t heard of Zontes. The motorcycle company is from China, and now the company has released a rendering of a new 800cc motorcycle that could come in 2022. The motorcycle has a triple engine and a naked design. The rendering is a pretty darn good-looking motorcycle. 

If Zontes sounds vaguely familiar, that’s probably because the company has recently put out some pretty great bikes in the UK. The company has a line of 125cc motorcycles that are affordable, and a line of 310 models that are again affordable and reasonably well-received, according to MoreBikes.

It might be some time before we see any of Zontes’s bikes in North America, but one thing is clear, Chinese companies can make decent motorcycles, and we’re bound to see more of them worldwide. It will be interesting to see how this new 800cc naked bike design progresses, and if it, indeed, does become a model in the company’s lineup. If it does, and it’s priced right, I could see it pulling some sales from the MT-09 and some of the other naked bikes out there. I’d also assume Zontes will come out with several other models based around this 800cc powertrain as it has with its other powertrains.