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The Zero SR/F Will be the Company’s Most Powerful Bike Yet

Zero Motorcycles SR/F
Image from Zero Motorcycles

Another Teaser Gives Allows for Performance Speculation

Zero Motorcycles will give all the juicy details of its new SR/F model come February 25, but the company keeps the teasers coming in the meantime. The most recent teaser is the video below. It’s a series of close up shots of the bike that gives you a look at some of its key components.

The most notable are the battery and the electric motor. there’s also a shot of the front wheel with a good look at what’s likely a very capable front brake. With these short close up shots, we’re starting to get a better overall picture of what the SR/F could look like. That’s only part of what you should get excited about. The details in the video also provide enough info to make some performance predictions.

The first is the battery. It has the numbers 14.4. That’s likely the 14.4 kWh battery that’s optional on Zero’s current bikes. If that were to be the case, you’re looking at getting 120 miles max out of the battery.

The second is the electric motor shown in the video. You can see it says Z-Force 75-10. Zero already has a Z-Force 75-7 for its bikes. That motor shoots out 70 hp and 116 lb-ft of torque. It’s also good for a top speed of 106 mph. With that info, it’s reasonable to assume that the Z-Force 75-10 in the video can make more power than that.

While 120 miles seems a little low to me, it’s better than Harley’s number and the SR/F will likely be cheaper than $30k. Still, if I were in the market for an electric sporty bike, I’d look Lightning Motorcycle’s way. If the performance speculation above is accurate, Zero falls short of its new competitor.

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  1. It seems to me these companies are missing the Ebike market by releasing road/superbike models instead of off-road, enduro type machines. Basically all you need is a burly downhill bike with a good battery/motor that will supply 100 miles of quiet, lightweight trail riding. Am I in left field here?

    1. I think you’re on the money John. A good off-road bike would be cool. I also think if it’s going to be an on-road bike it has to have a minimum of 150 miles and be affordable. Superbikes can be part of the market, but I think there’s a huge gap out there for a long-range sensibly powered model.

    2. Zero has the DS and FX, for dual sport and off-road use. Check them out! I have been riding my SR to work for the past year, and take it to the track about once a month, it’s been great!

  2. Will it be their most dangerous bike yet? Watch for several recalls impacting all 2013+ Zero motorcycles in the coming months.