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The Vespa Elegante 150 Is Now BS6 Compliant

Vespa Elegante 150

A Cleaner Elegante 150 in India

Were you hoping to scoot around India’s roads on a Vespa Elegante 150 that’s BS6 compliant? Now you can. Vespa updated the scooter’s powertrain to make sure it complied with the latest update on emissions. This will help keep the ironically styled scooter on the road.

The Elegante 150 is a popular premium scooter option in India and the company didn’t want to let the model disappear from its lineup. The old model had a 154.8cc engine and the new BS6 compliant model has a 149cc engine. The good news? By making the bike under 150cc, it will actually slip into a new category for insurance, according to Financial Express, meaning Indian scooter riders will save money in the long run.

The new 149cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine makes 10.3 hp and around 8 lb-ft of torque. If you’re familiar with the older model, you’ll notice that this new BS6 compliant scooter is actually more powerful. Good on Vespa for making that happen.

The appearance of the scooter has not changed, which is good because the Elegante 150 is, well, elegant and classy. I wouldn’t want it to change. This new engine will make its way into other models sold around the world, so while the 149cc engine in this scoot is important for the Indian market, I would bet Vespa will use its smaller and more powerful single-cylinder elsewhere.