The Shoei GT-Air II Arrives in North American Dealers

Shoei GT-Air II
Image from Shoei

It’s Here

We reported on the Shoei GT-Air II a while back and now it’s officially coming to dealers in North America. Shoei recently sent us the press materials and announced the arrival of the new GT-Air II to dealers, so now we’re passing that info along to you.

As you likely know, the Shoei GT-Air II. It’s been around a little while now. The GT-Air II is a notable step forward. Shoei calls it “form and function refined.” In other words, the company took the GT-Air and made it better and added the roman numerals for two behind the name.

Make no mistake, though. Shoei didn’t just spruce up the helmet and come out with some fancy new marketing materials. The GT-Air II looks like it’s legitimately better than it was before. Among the improvements are a longer internal sun shield, a brand new “first position” for the visor to help ventilate the helmet, even better shielding from noise, improved aerodynamics, and prep for a Sena SRL2 communication system.

In addition to all that the helmet features three large intake vents and five exhaust vents for superb ventilation. The shell is a blend of fiberglass and organic resins. With all of the updates, I’d assume it will be one of the better helmets out there. We should get our hands on one of these at some point in the future for a full review.


  1. Bob
    March 31, 2019

    Sounds great! The only thing left to verify is how well the helmet performs in crash tests. In the past, Shoei helmets have not done too well. See

    • rybov
      May 6, 2019

      You should check Arai then. Some of them failed due to performance, Shoei only two failes due to labeling.

  2. Bob
    May 6, 2019

    Yes, but a pass doesn’t say how well the helmet actually performed, other than it didn’t exceed the 200-g limit for more than 2ms. You have to look at the test results. For example, my Schuberth S2 transmits 83g to the headform during impact testing, the Schoei RF-1200 126g. The Schuberth provides a staggering 52% better protection that a helmet everyone trusts to be “top of the line”. We need a 5-star crash test rating for helmets like the British have.

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