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The New Robert Pattinson Batman Movie Has Motorcycles


Black Bat-Cycles

In case you hadn’t heard, Robert Pattinson will be the next Batman, and he has been spotted riding a couple of different motorcycles while filming for the role. The first motorcycle is a rat bike that looks a lot like a Honda CB750 (shown below). When riding that bike, he’s not wearing the Batman getup.

There’s also another bigger motorcycle that has been heavily customized and is more of a cafe racer (shown above). The bike looks a lot more refined than the rat bike that Pattinson was also seen riding. MoreBikes reported on both sightings and was able to showcase some really good photos of the motorcycles as the team was filming the scenes.


These bikes look far more conventional than the motorcycles that were in the Dark Knight movies. The Bat-Cycle in that movie was a fat-tire behemoth. These new bikes look much more ordinary, which could hint at what the movie is like overall. The images show both Pattinson and his stunt double riding the bikes, so it’s fair to say there will be far more than pleasure cruising done on these machines.

I’m kind of over the whole superhero movie stuff at this point, but I may see this movie for the motorcycles alone. They look pretty cool.