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The LiveWire S2 DEL MAR™ LE

An Electric Flat Tracker Inspired by H-D’s History in the Dirt

A view of the all-New LiveWire Del Mar

When Harley-Davidson branched off with their electric LiveWire brand and debuted ‘The One,’ many of us gawked at the price tag. Sure, the zeros were more or less in line with what Harley would typically charge for their fossil fuel counterparts, but it was also a completely new build that ran on Thor juice and would need reliable, accessible maintenance.

A view of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire One

In short, The One was too much to be a popular choice for the riding community. A mere 371 units were sold globally the year it debuted in 2021 (according to Top Speed), making the brand’s goal of selling 101,000 units by 2026 a laugh.

But hold the giggles – because today’s launch may prove with LiveWire’s most accessible bike yet that their dreams are that much closer to reality. 

A view of the all-New LiveWire Del Mar

Meet the S2 Del Mar™ LE, an electric motorcycle fresh off the production belt that boasts a smaller, leaner build than its sibling One, thanks to the inspiration from Harley-Davidson’s flat-tracking days. 

Advertised on LiveWire’s website as “informed by the lineage of winning, rethought for the urban riding experience and beyond,” the Del Mar™ shows off an MSRP of $17,699USD, with Jasper Gray and Comet Indigo completing the livery options.

A view of the all-New LiveWire Del Mar

 These particular electric beasties are ‘built to order,’ so we can only assume that the price will increase with the desire to go custom. 

The big boast that I’ve got an eyebrow up for, however, will be proved when somebody swings a damn leg over and tries out the claim on their website that this baby can go ‘0-60 in 3.5 Seconds or Better’…it’s not going far, that’s for sure – we have a purported 100-mile range, so your guess is as good as ours for the convenience factor.

A view of the all-New LiveWire Del Mar

Given that the Arrow’s electric platform is designed to be versatile and useable for other motorcycle variants, we can’t wait to see what the Del Mar does on the track (or pavement – we won’t judge).

Drop a comment down below letting us know what you think, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties.

*Media sourced from Harley-Davidson’s official website*