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The Latest Gear & Technology That Will Keep Motorcyclists Safe

We all know motorcycling is inherently dangerous. That’s part of the experience and honestly part of the fun. That doesn’t change the fact that none of us want to experience an accident or injury while riding. Luckily, safety is very much on the minds of everyone in the industry. We recently noticed a gear and safety trend in the news so we thought a roundup would serve our readers well. Here are six news stories you might not live without.

1. Over 40 Percent Of DOT Certified Helmets Fail Government Testing

2. Safer Motorcycling Research Consortium Seeks To Make Riding Safer

3. Jarvish Secures More Than Enough Crowd Funding For Smart Helmet, Adds Tron Version

4. KLIM’s One-Piece Hardanger Rider Suit Released

5. RideSafe Alerts The Authorities Automatically In The Event Of An Accident

6. Watch One Of The Most Inspiring Motorcycle Safety Videos Ever

That’s it for this news roundup, keep an eye out for our next one in a couple of weeks.

  1. Sorry guys but your first statement is factually incorrect. Motorcycling is not inherently dangerous, to say that it is, is just courting a negative stereotype. You are no more likely to have an accident because you are in a motorcycle. The reality is that motorcycles are incredibly unforgiving of poor decision making or skill deficit. In an incident, whether we as the rider are in the right, or the wrong, we will always be in the hurt

    1. Hey Ross,

      I have to disagree with you saying that it’s factually incorrect. The phrase “inherently dangerous” means an activity that presents the risk of injury despite the use of skill or care. You’re more or less right that you’re no more likely to have an accident because you ride a motorcycle. But someone can still hit you no matter your skill or decisions and the risk of injury is heightened if you were to get into an accident.

      Maybe I shouldn’t have used the phrase because it does have a negative connotation and enforces a negative stereotype (I do believe the dangers of motorcycling are dramatically over-exaggerated in most cases), but that doesn’t mean it’s incorrect. Risk of injury is higher on a motorcycle than when you’re strapped into a steel cage filled with airbags (car).

      But all this is beside the point. The point is that motorcycling is becoming safer through gear, technology, and techniques. If motorcycling wasn’t an inherently dangerous activity, the need to make the activity safer wouldn’t be as big a deal. We’re just pointing out the cool stories focused on safety.

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