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The Honda CBR600RR-R Will be Revealed in August … Maybe

honda CBR600RR-R

Prepare Yourself for August 9

It’s not official just yet, but according to Motociclismo, Honda could reveal the CBR600RR-R on August 9 at the Sugo Circuit during the All Japan Road Racer Championship. If that were to happen, then there’s a chance for more information about the model in November.

Motocilismo doesn’t say where this information has come from, so it might be speculation on the park of the publication, but rumors of the CBR600RR-R have been swirling, and that could mean that the bike will come early next month. Fingers cross, right?

The details of the bike are still unknown obviously it would have a 600cc or so engine, but beyond that, not much is known. It’s been reported that the bike would use all of the same electronics as the CBR1000RR-R. This would mean the main thing separating the two would be displacement and power. If that’s the case and you can still get all of the advanced technology, then the CBR600RR-R might be the better buy, depending on where Honda puts the price tag.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with this. I’ll be keeping two eyes out for any updates on this motorcycle. August is right around the corner after all.