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The Hadin Panther Electric Motorcycle Will Cruise to EICMA

hadin panther

Get Ready for This Electric Cruiser

The company Hadin isn’t a household name. Many of the folks plugged into the electric motorcycle scene won’t even know the name. However, the company hopes to change that soon. It’s bringing its new Panther electric cruiser to EICMA, according to Electric Motorcycle News.

The Panther has a very Harley-ish aesthetic. The company made a bike that takes many of the shapes and lines that The Motor Company has made popular and then tweaked them a little. Overall, the bike looks more modern and futuristic than Harley’s bikes, but in the best way possible. It’s a design that I actually could see aging well. But styling is subjective so we’ll probably have plenty of folks in the comments and on Facebook tell me I’m wrong.

Anyway, the performance is actually pretty good. The company has planned this as a cruiser, and its numbers reflect that. The bike gets a Panasonic 18650 Lithium Battery that gives the bike about 100 miles of charge. It’ll quick charge up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes and a standard charge takes six to eight hours.

The bike’s electric motor makes 61 hp, which isn’t a ton, but then that’s honestly on par with a lot of Harley bikes out there. You won’t be winning any drag races, though. Also, you’ll not be winning any top speed races either. This bike tops out at 80 mph, partly to keep the range respectable.

It has a wheelbase of 65 inches and weighs a whopping 600 pounds. Still, I find it somewhat charming. The bike also gets plenty of advanced technology, including keyless ignition, smartphone projection on the digital display, and front and rear-facing cameras.

Pricing has not yet been released and will likely come at EICMA. If it’s priced right, it could woo some buyers.