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The Danger of Smoking/Vaping While Riding a Motorcycle

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It’s no secret that riding motorcycles still has that rebellious edge style depicted in the Easy Rider film. And most manufacturers of smoking and vaping products would like to have every rider have this perception. However, this is just a cynical ploy with the risk of getting some motorcycle riders into smoking or vaping. Unfortunately, smoking or vaping while riding a motorcycle can have dire consequences.

Motorcycles have always invoked free-wheeling rebelliousness images in the minds of most people. But, your vulnerability to danger increases while you enjoy the experience of zipping via traffic unconstrained by four-wheeled cars. Motorbikes are practical. Their upfront costs are low. Their gas efficiency is also excellent. What’s more, motorcycles have fewer problems when it comes to parking. These are just some of the things that have led to their increasing popularity.

But, a new trend of smoking or vaping while riding a motorcycle is emerging. It’s not surprising to see a young rider pull out the best vape and turn it on before speeding off. Many motorcycle riders are smoking or vaping while riding despite knowing the dangers associated with the habit.

Smoking/Vaping and Motorcycle Riding

Smoking or vaping while riding a motorcycle is a terrible combination. Although some motorcycle riders may have smoked while riding for a long time, they may not understand the dangers and risks of their habit.

Smoke or vapor from the tip of the traditional cigarette or vape pen streams back into your eyes when you smoke or vape while riding a motorcycle. You also don’t have a chance to flick the cigarette ash away. The burning ambers from the cigarette can also find their way into what you’re wearing. This increases your risk of having an accident.

Research has shown that even people that smoke while driving cars are at a higher risk of causing accidents than non-smokers. Therefore, the risk of being involved in an accident is undeniably higher when you smoke or vape while riding a motorcycle. And the link between smoking or vaping and motorcycling could have more serious consequences.

Smoking/Vaping is a Distraction

Anything that distracts a motorcycle rider increases their vulnerability to danger. Using devices like vapes while riding a motorcycle is, therefore, a distraction that exposes a rider to danger. A traditional cigarette or vaporizer can occupy the hand of a rider. Consequently, the cognitive abilities of a rider can take their mind off the road.

Some people are even riding with helmets on while vaping. This is even more dangerous because the vapor from your mouth may not have escape from the helmet. The resulting thick cloud of vapor in the helmet will hinder you from seeing where you are riding. And a blurred vision is a perfect recipe for a road accident.

What’s more, some people are smoking or vaping marijuana while riding motorcycles. That means such people are riding their motorbikes while high on marijuana.

Smoking or vaping marijuana affects both driving and riding skills. Marijuana distorts the perception of space, speed, and time. This makes smoking or vaping it while riding a motorcycle dangerous. It’s also illegal.

It is particularly important to avoid smoking or vaping marijuana before or when riding a motorcycle if you must assess complex traffic conditions continuously. Also, avoid vaping or smoking marijuana if your motorcycle riding requires you to make split-second decisions. Such riding requires your precise input to navigate and maintain an adequate safety margin.

Why Some People Still Smoke/Vape While Riding a Motorcycle?

People smoke or vape while riding motorbikes for varied reasons. For some people, it’s a way to show off their prowess. Some people with the best vapes on the market want to be seen as they speed off in style on their innovative motorcycles. To them, this is a way of making a fashion statement.

Some riders are simply rebellious. Historically, the core strategy of tobacco advertising has been to appeal to rebelliousness. This has remained relevant when it comes to motorcycle riding and smoking or vaping. That’s because rebelliousness and motorcycles have maintained an intimate link over the years. This link has been embedded into the popular consciousness by counter-cultural movies like the Easy Rider. Although some motorcycle riders do not do it to express their rebellious attitude, it can be a factor for others.

Some motorcycle riders are susceptible to tobacco adverts that appeal to their rebelliousness. Consequently, they might be tempted to vape or smoke while riding. Cigarette advertising may no longer be showing on television. However, there is still a leftover perception of the habit as rebellious that creates the link in some people’s minds.

What’s more, the internet is awash with the best vape reviews. Some of these reviews have images that portray vaping while riding motorcycles as something cool. Thus, a motorbike rider can see such images and envision themselves as they vape while riding. Unfortunately, this can have severe consequences that may not be highlighted in the reviews.

Regardless of the reason to smoke/vape while riding a motorcycle, the habit is irresponsible and safe.

Avoid Smoking or Vaping While Riding a Motorcycle

Every motorcycle rider should consider quitting smoking for health and safety reasons. However, it’s not easy to quit smoking cigarettes for some people. That’s why a rider may opt to use the best vape while riding a motorcycle. But, both smoking and vaping while riding are dangerous habits. The best approach, therefore, is to avoid smoking or vaping while riding. If your craving becomes unbearable, pack the motorcycle first and get a hit of nicotine. It’s however, important to note that vaping or smoking marijuana before riding a motorcycle is also dangerous. That’s because marijuana can distort a rider’s perception of space, speed, and time.

The Bottom Line

Smoking or vaping while riding a motorcycle is irresponsible and unsafe. The current market has different types of vapes. Some of them are even advertised as smoke-less. Note that this doesn’t mean they won’t produce vapor that can hinder your visibility while riding a motorcycle. Therefore, avoid smoking or vaping altogether to ensure your safety while riding a motorcycle.