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The BMW Vision DC Roadster Electric Motorcycle Concept Looks Fantastic

BMW Vision DC Roadster

An Electric BMW on the Way?

Electric motorcycles are here and the major manufacturers are now starting to take them seriously. We’ve reported on the big Asian manufacturers working on batteries together and various patent applications filed. Now it seems BMW is getting into the electric motorcycle mix. The company just recently released the Vision DC Roadster

The Vision DC Roadster looks more like a traditional motorcycle rather than some weird scooter or mobility device. With that said, the model is far from conventional. It looks like it rolled off the set of a sci-fi movie. While the motorcycle is an electric machine, the motorcycle keeps a decidedly BMW shape. The way the battery and battery-cooling elements of the powertrain are positioned, the Vision DC Roadster emulates the shape of BMW’s Boxer engine. 

This gives the bike a somewhat familiar look. The motorcycle is low and hunched. It looks fast and sporty, something I can definitely get behind. There aren’t technical specs. This is just a design concept after all, but BMW looks like they have a roadmap for future electric motorcycles, and I’m not complaining. The Vision DC Roadster looks pretty good to me. Now all BMW has to do is get the specs where they should be, a feat easier said than done.