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Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturers Want Swappable Batteries

Honda CR electric prototype

This Could Move Electric Bikes Forward

According to a recent press release, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha are all working together to develop battery swapping technology. It’s a unique consortium that would help drive electric motorcycle proliferation if the companies can come up with solutions that are effective.

The goal is to combine forces and standardize battery swapping technology so it’s the same across all manufacturers and hopefully industry-wide. This would mean you can pull up to any motorcycle shop, pick out a batter and swap it out for the one in your electric motorcycle

The consortium wants to promote electric mobility and electric bike in Japan. However, if the companies figure out and standardize swappable batteries, it could have ramifications for electric motorcycles worldwide.

If you could swap out a discharged battery for a new, fully charged one easily and in a few minutes, then you wouldn’t need to wait around for the battery to charge back up. This could essentially eliminate range anxiety in the long term because you could simply ride until you battery got low, pull into a location that sold the interchangeable batteries, and swap a new one in your bike. 

Specifics have not yet been released, and I’d imagine the companies are still working on what will become the standardized system. If you’re an electric motorcycle fan, this is big and important news.