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The Biker Badgers Start Website to Support Biker-Owned Businesses

support bikers

Supporting Other Bikers

In times like these with Coronavirus screwing up all sorts of motorcycle-related business, it’s nice to see some folks work on a solution. Sonny “Badger” and his wife Angie of The Badgers, successful Vloggers and influencers in the motorcycling world decided to build a website for biker owned businesses. The goal? To help other riders support biker-owned businesses. 

The site is, and it’s a database of biker-owned businesses. It’s not just businesses for motorcycle-related businesses. Any type of business, as long as it’s biker-owned, qualifies for the website. There’s everything from accounting services and general contractors to chiropractors and fitness instructors included in the database. Everything you need is right there, and you can support a fellow rider while getting the things you need.

The site is easy to use. Zoom in on your local area, set your search parameters, and you’ll see all of the shops and businesses near you that are biker owned. You can also search by category if you want to. There’s also a page for moto-vloggers. This can be a great way to find new motorcycle-related video channels about everything from living the lifestyle to service and maintenance.

Overall, it’s just a great idea. So, why not check it out and see what businesses in your area are biker-owned? Most of them will be fairly small operations and your help can keep them operating during tough times like these.