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The Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1 Will Come to EICMA

Arch motorcycles KRGT-1

Yes, It Is Friggin Awesome Looking

Arch Motorcycles just unveiled the KRGT-1, the company’s flagship motorcycle. The bike is extremely high-end and features things like Bosch ABS, Öhlins front and rear suspension, ISR 6-piston monoblock radial-mount caliper brakes, BST ultralight carbon fiber wheels, and Michelin Commander II as standard equipment. The clutch and brake assemblies were pulled from Magura.

The bike is quite simply a gorgeous machine, too. It features a two-into-one stainless steel header mated to a Yoshimura carbon fiber exhaust that’s connected to the 124 cubic-inch S&S V-Twin engine.

The KRGT-1 as we’ve come to expect from Arch Motorcycles features tons of billet aluminum and titanium throughout the bike. There’s also some carbon fiber and some seriously wonderful craftsmanship here. The motorcycle is a handsome bike, with what looks like superb attention to detail.

You can check out all of the awesome photos of the bike below, but you’ll also be able to see the bike at EICMA if you go to that show. Unfortunately, I won’t be there, but Jim will be and we’ll be covering the happenings there. Hopefully, he’ll have time to check out the KRGT-1. I’m not seeing pricing yet, but that will likely come at a later date.