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Tassie ‘bikie’ law to outlaw clothing and jewellery

Bikie clothing senate

Tasmania is planning to follow other states with consorting laws that specify motorcycle clubs as outlaw organisations and their clothing, badges, patches and jewellery as illegal.

The Liberal Government’s Police Offences Amendment (Prohibited Insignia) Bill being debated in Parliament today (20 September 2018) would ban outlaw motorcycle gang “colours”.

It is a similar ban to the VLAD laws in Queensland where “bikie colours” are banned in public because they create fear.

Clothing banRebel bikies anti-bikie clothing

Tasmanian Shadow Attorney General Ella Haddad says the ban would cover “almost any item of clothing or jewellery that displays any insignia or logo of almost any organisation, with no due process, evidence or court action, and no right of appeal”.

She says the Government’s proposed legislation places “way too much power” in the hands of Police Minister Michael Ferguson.

“There is legitimate concern in the community that law-abiding bike riders might be caught up in the Police Minister’s crack down and with the way the current legislation is drafted, and a right of appeal process must form part of any new laws.Bikie clothing

Labor believes that banning insignia should be part of a comprehensive toolkit available to police – not the be-all-and-end-all – and increased powers should only be activated after evidence is tested in a court.”

Longtime motorcycle advocate Damien Codognotto of Howrah, Tasmania, says his state has had a consorting law since 1935 that has not deterred serious crime and should be repealed.

“A ban on clothing, colours, jewellery and other items is a restriction that should not occur in a free society,” he says.

Damien fears law-abiding bike riders, friends and families will be caught up in police operations interstate using this type of legislation.

This has already happened on several occasions under VLAD laws imposed by the Newman Government in 2013 and only slightly amended by the current Labor Government.

  1. The vast majority of MC riders are decent people of good character, this type of draconian legislation
    should be an anathema to all Australians.
    It demonstrates the laziness, lack of imagination and sheer dumb ignorance on the part of legislators,. It points to the desperate need for an equivalent to a “bill of rights” to protect citizens from the excesses of government and it’s agents, and is yet another demonstration that our country has yet to outgrow it’s convict past. At a time when Royal Commissions are turning up mounds of evidence of the gross malfeasance of corporate citizens it is indeed a sad commentary on a nation that imagines itself to be free.

  2. Maybe one of those “bad” bikie gangs should change there name to the “Liberal Party”. Then the “Liberal Party” name would invoke fear and it would make it illegal to wear “Liberal Party” clothing, badges, patches and jewellery.

    1. The so-called Liberal party invokes fear already, Red Duck.

      For goodness sake don’t give them any trendy ideas, they like life in the cave.

  3. How come you can change laws what bikers wear whitch is ridiculous but you won’t even think about making a law so assies feel safe in their own country that is the muslums that want to chance the law off the land do sharia law and we should also ban what they wear the burca and hijab

    1. Yes, Andre, We know that the Aboriginals were here first. If any law is to be implemented, it should be theirs, right?

  4. In America they have a bill of rights that is now about as good as toilet paper thanks to being eroded away by legislation hastily drawn up in a panic after 9/11.
    The conspiracy theorists believe that the legislation was already written and the terrorist attack was planned and assisted by the government just to get such draconian over reaching legislation passed, after all they couldn’t use bikies as an excuse as they already have the mafia drug cartels and insane religious cults to worry about if they tried to use bikies they would have been laughed at!
    But here we have a bunch of chicken littles who want us to wear seatbelts and crash helmets in bed and drive at slower than walking pace .

  5. “should be an anathema to all Australians” is right, but I fear that it won’t be. There are those amongst us that actually think that these type of laws are a step in the right direction and will get rid of the criminal element amongst us. Some may even make comment on this here, supporting these proposed laws, and it saddens me that more and more of us seem to be ignorantly and stupidly supporting this type of thinking.

    How far do they have to go before we actually realise that they have gone way too far? Summary execution for anyone that resembles a bikie in the view of an individual officer? This isn’t Nazi Germany, last time I checked, but these proposals come out of the same type of thinking, not idealism.

    Unbelievable! I had to check the calendar that it isn’t April 1 today. Bad joke if it was.

    1. So you can be a criminal by wearing something that a cop think makes you a 1%er? Seriously, there are simpler ways to become a criminal without having to buy bikie clothing and jewellery What about hoodies?

  6. The VLAD laws do not prohibit the wearing of club colours. Liqueur licencing laws were introduced with VLAD that prohibited club colours in licensed venues, but only in licensed venues.
    The QLD laws prohibiting the wearing of club colours in public are separate to VLAD and were brought in after the change in government.
    A bit of fact checking or basic research wouldn’t go astray…

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