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SW-MOTECH Founds a Branch in the U.S.

A First for the Company

SW-MOTECH is a company that makes luggage, protection, and ergonomic accessories that are sold through our friends over at Twisted Throttle. SW-MOTECH recently announced it will open up its first branch in the U.S. The branch will be based on the West Coast, and Twisted Throttle will continue to handle distribution out east.

This is good news. Twisted Throttle makes it easy to get SW-MOTECH’s gear, but it’s always nice to see a company like this continuing to expand. According to a press release from the SW-MOTECH, it hopes that having a U.S.-based facility will allow the company to more effectively promote its products to a wider-range of customers. 

We’ve reviewed plenty of SW-MOTECH’s gear over the years. The former owner of this website, Rick had a good reputation with Twisted Throttle and SW-MOTECH. Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to review some of the new products put out by the company. 

SW-MOTECH has some seriously good gear, from the drybags to luggage racks to crash bars and skid plates. There’s plenty of what looks like great products to test out. You can check everything out at Twisted Throttle right now.