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Suzuki Is Working on “Anti-Accident” Radar Reflectors

Suzuki Radar Reflector
Image from Motociclismo

Car Tech Making Its Way to Bikes

Many cars on sale today feature all kinds of radar technology designed to help prevent accidents. It seems now that Suzuki is planning on adding similar technology to its motorcycles. According to the Italian publication Motociclismo, the company is currently working on adding radar reflectors to its motorcycles. The publication cited some patents that Suzuki recently filed.

Suzuki’s system is different than some of the other radar technology out there. Instead of sending out a radar signal, the reflectors would simply make the motorcycle electronically visible to vehicles who have radar systems actively working. The car would be able to sense the motorcycle even if the driver of that vehicle doesn’t notice them.

It’s an ingenious solution and one that’s a lot lower-tech than some of the other stuff out there right now. Suzuki essentially uses other vehicles’ systems to make the motorcycle safer to ride. As Motociclismo points out, the reflectors would be placed at multiple areas around the motorcycle. Also, because the reflectors require no power to do their job, they don’t require much in terms of installation. They should be pretty cheap to manufacture and add to the bikes. 

With that in mind, I could see these being easy to add to older motorcycles, too. Suzuki might have solved a serious issue for all riders as the automotive market becomes more and more complex. These reflectors could even keep you safe when self-driving cars are all over the road.