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Suzuki to Split up its Motorcycle/ATV and Marine Divisions

suzuki katana

Keeping Them Separate

In an effort to prepare as best it can for the future, Suzuki is splitting up its motorcycle/ATV and marine divisions of the company. Before, both divisions were all housed under the same corporate umbrella. Now Suzuki will split them off into their own individual companies. 

This move will begin in April 2021. This new organization of the division will allow both to operate more autonomously in their individual spaces and hopefully optimize for success.

The motorcycle/ATV division will be headquartered in California. The marine division will have its headquarters in Florida. These are fairly obvious places for both of them to go. Tampa, Florida, where the marine division will be is in the heart of the marine business, and California is arguably one of the best places for motorcycles and ATVs.

The goal of this reorganization is to strengthen each business, according to a press release sent out by Suzuki America. The company believes there are opportunities for great efficiencies and speeding up decision-making by splitting the two company’s up.

So, what does that mean for Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs? Probably not much for the consumer. You’ll still be able to get the bikes and ATVs you love. In fact, future products might come out quicker, which could be a boon, indeed.