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Suzuki Releases New Tech Teaser

Last week Suzuki put out a post on their official motorcycle Instagram stating that a “superior way to ride” will be coming soon. The caption stated: “The world is getting smarter, and so is your two wheeler! Get ready for a new, smart way to ride with #SuzukiIndia.”

With the very obvious hint towards a “smarter” ride and the image attached looked like a display of some sort, we can safely assume their small-displacement motorcycles will be perhaps featuring a new smart display or something along those lines. The post was hashtagged #SuzukiIndia – and we all know India loves their small-displacement motorcycles.

Fast-forward a few days later, they continued the teaser show by releasing a video on their Instagram. The video doesn’t have any information to offer other than flashy text overlay on the video stating “Introducing a technology that lets you stay in charge. stay tuned!”. Hmmmmm, thanks, Suzuki… You’re really going out of your way to make my job easy.

Again, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this has something to do with either smartphone connectivity to their smaller bikes, or a new display giving you more information than before, or both.

In order to put out a new display, you obviously need a new motorcycle to present it on. I think we can safely assume that this new display and “technology that lets you stay in charge” (…) will be featured on a new bike. Friends over at speculate that they may be coming out with a slightly larger 250cc version of the bikes, so we’ll play it by ear.