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Suzuki: 2023 GSX-R1000 Pulled from EU, UK Markets

Euro5 Causes R1000 to Join R600, R750 in Retirement

Suzuki's 2022 GSX-R1000. Media sourced from Suzuki.
Suzuki's 2022 GSX-R1000. Media sourced from Suzuki.

Suzuki’s removal from WorldSBK and MotoGP has been quite the mouthful to swallow – and now, we’re seeing the repercussion of failure to comply to Euro5 regulations…this time, for the GSX-R1000

As of 2023’s lineup, motorcycle communities hailing from Europe and the UK will no longer be able to purchase a new GSX-R1000. The brand’s decision to cut the iconic hooner follows the cut of Suzuki’s GSX-R600 and GSX-R750, leaving behind the R125 and Hayabusa on EU and UK markets. 

Suzuki's 2022 GSX-R1000. Media sourced from Suzuki.
Suzuki’s 2022 GSX-R1000. Media sourced from Suzuki.

Here in the US, we still have Suzuki’s gixxer line available…but for how long?

Emission restrictions are slowly trickling across the Atlantic and may eventually affect Suzuki’s America-bound bikes…though the Japanese manufacturer still has one potential ace up their sleeve. 

two riders racing on GSX-R1000's. Media sourced from VisorDown.
two riders racing on GSX-R1000’s. Media sourced from VisorDown.

Back in 2019, the brand filed patents for a variable-valve timing system (VVT). Should Suzuki make the decision to prioritize production of VVT, we (and MotorcycleSports) think Suzuki’s bikes could show off better emission compliance, slowing the halt of the gixxer line’s retirement. 

Suzuki's GSX-R1000. Media sourced from VisorDown.
Suzuki’s GSX-R1000. Media sourced from VisorDown.

With Suzuki’s renewed sprint toward the world of sustainability, we anticipate a lot of change for the Japanese marque in the coming years. 

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*Media sourced from VisorDown, and Suzuki*
  1. While VVT might buy Suzuki some time, the inevitable winds of change are already blowing and all efforts should be put behind developing an entirely new range of electric products.

  2. Adam, Bullshit! I finally found out about the “electric airplane” ruse and how EVERYTHING will be electric-powered by batteries. BULL-FECES!
    H-D has invested Billions which amounts to a worth 2/3rds of their operational capital in a RUSE; hear me LOUD, and clear, a RUSE. I say this with good insight and a strong recognition of EMF. So there; WE are heading backwards into a water-shed of Battery-inability to move mass-transportation at a rate once experienced in the twentieth century. I wouldn’t open my mouth to speak if I didn’t have the facts. The ELECTRIC – REVOLUTION WILL ENSLAVE ALL OF us!

    1. Mr powers

      Whilst i do appreciate your hysteria and delivery, the clear lack of facts you present is the issue.
      Ultimately, i dont see this generation of electric battery tech being the answer, perhaps the one which follows will.
      There is a coming war on all forms of transport for normal people.
      The world economic forum, anong others has already publicly stated their desire for people to be sedentary and compliant.

  3. I shout BS! This is an alarming trend towards the elimination of whole class of vehicles; Motorcycles. We’ve seen this before with diesel-gate with the elimination of Volkswagen’s fuel miser line of diesel powered consumer automobiles. I don’t think that it’s a co-incidence that this decision forced upon Suzuki comes on the heels of the surprise announcement from the venerable Gold Wing Road Riders Association about their closing the doors. This with only two model years of the iconic Honda Gold Wing’s 50th anniversary. How does that happen!? Even GM kept Oldsmobile going into it’s 100th year before closing down the division. And now the internet rumors are abound about Honda discontinuing the Gold Wing. Which are already in short supply as it is.
    As I see it, the trend is that luxury touring motorcycles like the Gold Wing and clubs that support such lifestyles such as the GWRRA don’t fit the SUSTAINABILITY profile. This market segment is going to go the way of the doo-doo bird. Unless we the people speak up and put our efforts into saving our passion.

  4. In 1993, Yamaha introduced the GTS 1000 with the FZR1000 four cylinder engine, fuel injection and a catalytic converter. Why can’t Suzuki do the same with their sportbikes in Europe to meet stringent emission standards?

  5. They managed to hit Euro 5 compliance with the Busa by overlapping valve timing which decreased peak hp but increased it throughout the low to mid rev range. Why not do the same to the Gixxer thou?

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