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Suzuki 2-strokers seeking new home

Neil Batterham Suzuki 2-strokers seeking new homeSONY DSC

The owner of 20-odd Suzuki two strokes from 80cc to 500cc is seeking a new home for the collection so the public can also enjoy them.

Neil Batterham, 58, of Highfields, is hoping a cafe or shop owner in the region with good security can display the bikes. Click here to send Neil an email if you can help out.

“I don’t like them just sitting in my shed and I can’t ride them all so it would be good if someone could display them to the public,” he says.

“Suzuki two-strokes are what I learnt to ride on.”

First Suzi

Neil Batterham Suzuki 2-strokers seeking new home

His first bike was a 1970 TS90. He doesn’t have that bike, but he now has two examples in his collection.

“They’re not mainstream bikes so they don’t cost ridiculous prices to buy,” he says.

“They are simple a hell of a lot of fun to ride and attract a lot of attention wherever I take them, not that l’m after that.

“You go to get fuel for your bike and you’ll be there for an hour talking to people about your bike.

“A lot of people like me learnt to ride on these types of bikes.

“It strikes a chord with people and their great memories.”

Suzuki TC100 Neil Batterham Suzuki 2-strokers seeking new home

Most of the bikes are restored, only five bikes are registered, but all are in good mechanical condition.

Among the bikes is a T500 he bought in 2004.

Neil Batterham Suzuki 2-strokers seeking new home

“I searched for one for quite a while,” he says.

“A nice example was listed in the US and I wished there was one in Australia. Well literally a week later this one was advertised in Brisbane.

“It wouldn’t start but had good compression. I registered it in August of that year and have been riding it ever since.Neil Batterham Suzuki 2-strokers seeking new home

“It has had every seal replaced including the crank. The gearbox was rebuilt and modified. The top end, piston and rings, have not been touched. The frame has been repainted as well as the tank and side covers.

“It is a joy to ride. Contrary to popular belief it has good torque at low revs for a 50-year-old design.

“Once it hits 5000rpm she picks up her skirt really gets going. You just ride to its limits which is good as you ride slower.”

Favourite Suzi

Neil says he doesn’t have a favourite.

“Please don’t make me choose,” he says.

“The thing people don’t realise is how difficult it is to choose which one to ride for the day.

“If you ride one the others get a bit sookie so have to be careful.

“I try to to alternate them so they all go for a bit of a run.

“One of the most endearing is a Jacaranda Blue 1967 Suzuki K10 80cc road bike.Neil Batterham Suzuki 2-strokers seeking new home

“Whenever you ride it, you ride it full throttle and it feels like you are going as lot faster than you actually are and you can really throw it around in the corners.

“It’s not restored but it’s a delightful littler machine.

“None of them are rare or valuable. They cost around the $2000-$3000 mark. But they are worth something to me.”

New homeNeil Batterham Suzuki 2-strokers seeking new home

And they will be with a lot of sentimental value to old bikers who would love to see them on public display.

“A lot of cafes are aimed at women with crafts on display, so this would be ideal to attract some male customers,” he says.

But it would have to be nearby as Neil likes to ride a different one nearly every day.

If you can help Neil with public display or know someone who has a secure venue, please contact him via email.

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