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Super Seer Cool Cap Head-On Review

Cooling Jade - Hype of Science?

Super Seer Cool Cap
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Review Summary
The Cool Cap by Super Seer is a very comfortable and functional skull cap for a hot environment. The black mesh fabric offers exceptional airflow as well as comfort. The design of this cap allows for a one size fits all feature due to the stretchiness of both the fabric and the stitching, without the discomfort of thick elastic bands. The cost on this cap is very similar to many others on the market which offer less comfort and fewer features, making the Cool Cap a great bargain for riders in a hot climate.
Great Airflow
Good Wicking
50 SPF Protection from Black Fabric
No Elastic to Bind
Extreme Comfort
COOLJADE Natural Cooling Feature
Machine Washable
Potentially Less Durable
No Color Choices
Could Lose Stretch After Repeated Washing

To be completely honest, I am always pretty skeptical of a “new” discovery or process that claims to be better at, in this case, cooling. It can be very easy to manipulate tests and results of testing in a very controlled environment to produce the results needed to make a strong statement such as, “decreases the skin surface temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit”.

In too many cases, the manufacturer is testing the product under controls which will rarely, if ever, apply to use in the real world. With this in mind, I was determined to research the concept of COOLJADE and see if there was any real science behind it.

And I am glad to report that there is definitely some science to back up the name and the statement made by the Super Seer Corporation of Evergreen, Colorado.

How It Works

Sweating is your body’s natural means of cooling. The sweat that is on your skin is basically water in its liquid form. This liquid is cooler than your body temperature so it begins to draw heat from your body. As the temperature of the liquid increases, it then becomes vapor which releases the heat and helps to cool your body.

The trick is to capture as much liquid as possible against your body so that it can efficiently cool your skin. If the sweat is wiped from your skin or drips off, you lose its cooling benefit. And this is where the COOLJADE technology comes into play.

Any fabric that is designed to be used in a hot environment needs to be thin and breathable to provide maximum comfort to consumers. But that same thin material also needs to be extremely absorbent.

The desired goal is to capture as much sweat from the body as possible for evaporation and maximum cooling benefit. When the micro crushed jade particles are infused into the fabric, they provide an exponential increase in the fabrics absorbent quality.

In short, the jade particles are greatly increasing the surface area of the fabric but on a microscopic level that is undetectable to the human eye or even the human touch. This infusion makes it possible for the Cool Cap to offer super-efficient evaporation and cooling for a riders head and in some cases that increase evaporation can actually decrease the skin temperature by 10 degrees.

So in the case of the Cool Cap from the Super Seer Corporation, this is not just a claim from an ultra-controlled test environment, this product will provide better cooling in the real world.

Bargain Pricing

My past experience had been with a Nike brand skull cap and several Under Armor skull caps. On average, I was paying about $17 – $20 each for the other major brand caps, so the $20 price tag on the Cool Cap is very reasonable considering the fact that I found it to be a superior product.

The Cool Cap


Super Seer Cool Cap blue stitching

The Cool Cap is made from a ventilated COOL JADE mesh fabric that provides great airflow. Think of the mesh fabric that is used for jackets that allow for almost complete airflow and doesn’t ripple or flap in the wind, and that is similar to these caps.

The shape of the cap is fairly typical as it is comprised of four triangular pieces and then a solid band of fabric at the base. But what is very unique about the Cool Cap is the awesome flatlock seams which allow the cap to stretch for a comfortable custom fit.

This stretch fabric also eliminates the need for any elastic which can cause irritation under a helmet. In addition, these seams are precisely finished on the inside of the cap so there are no rough areas or even a noticeable difference in thickness. This is an important feature for riders who have very short hair or no hair, as thick seams can cause abrasions, blisters, and discomfort when wearing a snug helmet for a long period of time.

Comfort and function are the most important features in any skull cap but the Cool Cap doesn’t stop with just those two great benefits. Due to the unique fabric and construction, this cap is one size fits all. I know, we have heard that a lot when it comes to motorcycle gear but this time you can really buy into the statement.

I wear an extra-small helmet or sometimes a small depending on the style and manufacturer. On the other end of the spectrum, my husband wears an extra-large helmet in most brands, but we were both able to wear the same Cool Cap very comfortably. Obviously, the Cool Cap fit us each a little differently but it was still very functional. I did end up tucking the edges of the baseband slightly at my ears but had no issues with it becoming bulky.

In addition to being infused with jade particles, the cap also has a special anti-odor compound woven into the fabric which deters microbe growth and helps to fight odor build up in your helmet.

I am also very happy that the Cool Cap is machine washable. Living in a hot climate, I was forced to do a lot of hand washing of other skull caps in the past. But these chemical-free caps can be thrown in a washing machine and will air dry very quickly to be ready for your next ride.

Super Seer Cool Cap mesh fabric material

The Designs

Currently, the Cool Cap is offered in a black COOLJADE infused mesh fabric with blue stitching. And in case you are wondering, the black material offers SPF 50 protection.

  • The S-7001-1 model has no logo imprint.
  • The S-7001-2 through S-7001-7 offer a variety of logo imprint options on the front and back of the cap which are related to law enforcement.

All of the caps are offered to law enforcement officers as well as civilian riders who want to show their support for the men and women in blue.

Super Seer Cool Cap logo printed version

My Experience

My experience with the Cool Cap has been in temperatures in excess of 100 degrees and in a full face helmet. Phoenix is said to have a dry heat but I do know that when wearing other caps under my helmet, the fabric and especially the elastic band and the base of the cap would become soaked with sweat and would not evaporate very well in my helmet.

I never had that issue with the Cool Cap. The Cool Cap provides great evaporative cooling even in the tight fit of my full face helmet. I also noticed that the lining of my helmet was drier than when I had used other brands of the cap. And even though the Cool Cap uses no elastic bands, it remained in place and very comfortable even during longer rides.

In the past, I have noticed that sweat build up in the other caps would cause my head to itch and even to cause some abrasion issues but that never happened when wearing the Cool Cap. I will continue to wear the Cool Cap and don’t foresee ever having a reason to try another type of cap.

A Potential Miss

For this hands-on test, I was able to wear the Cool Cap for a little over a month in pretty warm conditions. I also washed the cap several times due to the weather conditions. At this point, I am still very satisfied with the Cool Cap. As I mentioned before, the caps are being worn by my husband and myself, which provides some drastically different testing.

In my case, I am wondering if the cap will continue to remain a comfortable fit on the small end of the spectrum and not stretch out while my husband hopes that this does not shrink over time. But at this point, about 6 washes into their lifetime, they are holding their shape and elasticity very well.

The Verdict?

I am surprisingly happy with the Cool Cap. I never expected the dramatic differences as compared to other caps and it is well worth the $20 price.

Super Seer Cool Cap is made in the USA

As I noted at the beginning of this review, I was very skeptical of the 10 degrees cooler claim. But after reading about the technology and then experiencing the Cool Cap, I am very happy to have access to the product. The cost is very reasonable and the product will definitely enhance my rides in hot weather.


  • Great Airflow
  • Good Wicking
  • 50 SPF Protection from Black Fabric
  • No Elastic to Bind
  • Extreme Comfort
  • COOLJADE Natural Cooling Feature
  • Affordable
  • Machine Washable


  • Potentially Less Durable
  • No Color Choices
  • Could Lose Stretch After Repeated Washing


  • Manufacturer: Super Seer Corporation
  • Price (When Tested): $20
  • Made In: USA (designed and manufactured in Colorado)
  • Alternative models & colors: Multiple logo designs on black mesh
  • Sizes: One Size Fits All
  • Review Date: September 2018

  1. Well … I sure hope this is nice. Being a retired LEO, I opted for the $20 version with the front blue line flag. Add $8.14 for two day FedEx shipping. Ordered on Dec.03, shipped on Dec.07 and delivery date is scheduled on Dec.11. Maybe they’re made to order, but it’s taking 4 days on two day delivery fee. I’ll comment on quality once I receive it…

    1. Received my cool cap on Dec.11. It is of very nice quality and it looks great. I did suggest to Super Seer to possibly switch to USPS to save a bit on shipping costs for consumers. Otherwise, a very nice product.

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