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Strong and sexy world of motorbikes

Strong and sexy world of motorbikes world;s strongest man restrains four motorcycles

From the bizarre and sometimes shocking world of motorcycles comes a strong man restraining four motorcycles, a Scarlett woman and others making love to and on them!

Strong man

Former World’s Strongest Man competitor Franz “Austrian Rock” Muellner has set a new record for restraining four superbikes pulling at his arms and legs for 24 seconds.

He set the record on the weekly Guinness World Records Italian Show.

The riders were Italian road racer Fabrizio Pirovano, European Superstock champion Lorenzo Alfonsi, and former Grand Prix motorcycle road racers Alessandro Gramigni and Paolo Casoli.

Sexy man

A Thai man, aged 26, has been arrested after CCTV footage showed him “having sex” with three motorcycles.

One victim said her motorcycle was “raped” twice after the man cut a hole in the motorcycle seat.

Police said the man admitted assaulting the motorcycles because he was drunk and needed release.

He was charged with damaging property and obscenity.

Sex on bikeStrong and sexy world of motorbikes


A video has surfaced showing a young couple appearing to have sex on a motorbike as it speeds along a highway in Encarnacion, Paraguay’s third largest city.

Police are apparently attempting to track down the man and woman, who could face a fine of 3 million Paraguayan Guarani (about $540) if they are caught.

Scarlett womanScarlett Jahansson rides a Honda NM4 in the strong and sexy world of bikes

Scarlett Johansson rides a Honda NM4 in her latest sci-fi movie, Ghost in the Shell.

The Honda NM4 is a weird cross between a scooter and a cruiser and is only available for sale in the US and Asia.

We reckon it’s about as sexy as a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but for the movie they made a lot of styling changes to make it more aggressive.

If anything can make it look sexy, it’s Scralett Johansson!