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5 Steps To Make Your Dream Of Becoming A Pro Motorcycle Rider Come True

Have you ever dreamed about riding on a beautiful motorcycle like a pro? And would you ever like to take part in international competitions for motorcycle races? We already know your answer to both questions is “yes”. So, let’s see how you can get closer to the world of the two-wheels seriously and effectively.

Insight In The World Of Motorcycle Races

pro motorcycle riders

It’s honest to tell you that starting a career in this field is not that easy. Besides that, consider that not all the new motorcycle riders that enter the world of competitions can reach large popularity among worldwide followers. Only the bravest can do it, but this doesn’ t mean that you aren’t the perfect guy to skyrocket in the motorcycle field! All you should do is to try it and see what it happens then.

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winnerBefore You Start Thinking Big

Your dreams matter – that’s why you can’t think of a life without making your dreams come true. Especially if you are young, your dreams seem to weight even more on your life decisions. If you are intentioned to become the next great motorcycle rider of our times, make sure you are truly ready to that before you even start moving your first steps into this industry.

First and foremost, riding a motorcycle is different than becoming a pro rider. A pro rider has to take long practice sessions, he has to learn and master the skill. It’s not for the pleasure of riding a two-wheeled one, but for the goal of winning in the next competition. As you can see, it’s a completely different thing. So, make sure this is what you want for your life, your future career, and human relationships.

Basic Steps That Will Get You In

You want to try it. Great choice! Now, it’s time for you to take note of the basic steps that will allow you to get in the motorcycle industry as a pro:

  1. Pick the right motorcycle
    The first requirement for a pro rider is to own a pro motorcycle model. You should first try different models to find out the best one for you, it’s a matter of personal feeling so you won’t find any benefit in asking people on this point. Just make sure the motorcycle you are riding gives you a sense of freedom, comfort, and it fits your body.
  2. Appropriate trainingtraining
    Like any other sport, training plays its part and you can’t become anyone without it. Training is precious to learn the skill, the tricks, and to get more familiar with the vehicle responsiveness to specific changes of directions or other maneuvers. Moreover, training can get you mentally and physically ready for any competition.
  3. Practice tips
    Although you’ll have to ride your motorcycle on a track made of asphalt, it’s always recommended to take some practice on different kinds fo tracks, like gravel roads, off-road tracks, unsurfaced roads, and any kinds of terrains that expose you to new challenges to overcome. This tip will help you refine your riding techniques, as well.
  4. Put on the right gear
    As to motorcycle gear, you have plenty of choices. However, not all pieces of gear in the market are the same value for professional use. Let your trainer advise you about the best models, brands, size, and kinds of gear that will keep you comfortable and safe when driving during practice sessions and competition.
  5. Tires
    Finally, make sure to come always well equipped with the perfect tires for your motorcycle. During your practice and training sessions, make sure your motorcycle has the right tires on. Avoid changing tire brand unless you have enough time to try the new brand and see if it fits you well.

Ready to go? If you are even more enthusiastic about starting a career as a pro than you were a day ago, it’s a sign that you are ready to give it a try. Contact an expert trainer to get more information on how you can get started training.


  1. In my opinion, it track racing should be just a hobby and not a career choice for anyone who hasn’t been track racing since early childhood. All the greats right now got their start in very early childhood. It’s the parents of the child who make the future pro racer – not the pro racer himself. Keith Code was one of the guys who first realised this, and wanted his California Superbike School to have a specific training programme for very young children. He said, probably basing it on what changed in racing from the 1980s to today as well as the motorsports-friendly cultures of the Far East and (then) places like Spain, the only way for someone to win at the top level is for them to learn the ropes of racing in early childhood. Everyone else can learn to become better, sure, but they can’t expect to win a MotoGP if they take up the sport in adulthood. For the amount of outlay required by this sport, it’s exactly equivalent to being interested in art history while running a different business or having a normal job, and then one day deciding to invest a significant part of what you have accumulated in an attempt to have your inspirational doodles featured in a gallery alongside Jackson Pollock. You don’t have the network behind you, you don’t have the links nor the experience of dealing with the art world. You’re just an autodidact competing with a trust fund kid (whether that trust fund is daddy or the US govt). If you spend all your time at the golf course you would never expect to get to be at a level to compete with Tiger Woods, so what’s different about this? Could you become a pro footballer just because you like to play football and you do well in the local division?

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