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Sportbiking: “The Real World”: The Advanced Rider’s Handbook

Sportbiking: "The Real World": The Advanced Rider's Handbook

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Paperback – 100 pages, 1st Edition, 7th printing (April 22, 1998)
Brentwood Christian Press, Columbus, Georgia, USA
ISBN: 1-55630-835-3
Dimensions (in inches): 0.25 x 8.312 x 5.375

This slim volume is a sort of “underground” guide to riding fast. The author warns right up front that the “philosophy” presented in the book “is not for everybody” and that you must “ask yourself the question: “Is this handbook really meant for me?”

He then gives the reader a test to help determine if the book is, indeed, meant to be read. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, other than to pique one’s interest, because the book contains some fair guidance on advanced street riding skills and strategies that aren’t necessarily lawbreaking, but amount to a selection of good tips and knowledge for most advanced riders to have in their quiver of skills.

The author has been a long-time road racer with the AFM, AMA, WERA and WSMC, and he has also been an instructor at the dP Safety School in California. There are a wide variety of personal experiences that the author uses to illustrate his points, but the book needs a good editor – the text relies on an overabundance of boldface type, underlining, italics and uppercase, which makes it a bit distracting.

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