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Southern California Motorcycles Opens Pedal Assist Bicycle Store

Southern California Motorcycles

Will This Become More Common?

On Saturday, February 29, Southern California Motorcycles will open a pedal-assist bicycle store. Partnering with Giant, Liv, and Momentum, this store will offer bicycles with electric power.

There’s a point between electric motorcycles and electric bicycles that’s a bit of a gray area. This gray area exists for customers as well as legislators and regulators. Two wheels, electric propulsion can be for electric motorcycles and electric bicycles. Then there’s also the fact that many riders want to be on two wheels, but can’t use or don’t need what a motorcycle offers.

The industry is going through a dramatic change right now and we’re bound to see more motorcycle dealers opening bicycle shops.

“Some may wonder why we are opening an exclusive E-bicycle store in our complex,” says Southern California Motorcycles owner Tom Hicks. “Believe it or not, there really is a tie in. Motorcyclists are getting older and for many of us, physical limitations affect how much we can do. These power-assist bicycles—yes, you still have to pedal them—are a perfect answer. You can get as much or as little exercise as you want, and you’re having fun.”

Hicks makes a good point. There is an obvious tie-in, and all those Harley guys that can’t ride anymore could likely still get out on a lightweight bicycle and get some much-needed exercise while they’re at it. I’m all for this kind of move.

There will always be a place for high-speed two-wheelers, but lower speed, pedal-assist bicycles like these will play an important role in the future of life on two wheels. The experience will be a little different, but in my mind, riding is riding and we should all embrace this new area of the market. Ducati has already done so with its MIG-RR, which I reported on a while back, and I expect more companies to follow suit. I’d love to test ride some of these bikes to really get a feel for them.