Soriano Motori Makes Its First Electric Motorcycle with Twin Motors

2021 Soriano

Arranged in a Boxer Fashion

Soriano Motori is an Italian motorcycle company, and it now hs its first electric motorcycle. The bike features two electric motors that are situated in a boxer orientation. The unveiling will happen at EICMA 2020, but since that’s still a ways off, some details are coming out now, including the price.

The bike will be called the Soriano EV Giaguaro. It will come in three trim levels: V1R, V1S, and V1 Gara. All three will have the company’s special duo-flex electric motor (the boxer design) and three gears. The two motors can operate independently or together to deliver power, according to Soriano Design and Product Development Director Sergio Moroni told Motorbike Writer.

The bike will have a 93-mile range or more. The top speed will be 111.8 mph. I would assume the various trim levels will get different levels of performance and range. On the company’s website, the V1R is listed for 25,500 Euros, the V1S has a price of 30,500 Euros, and the top-dog V1 Gara has a price tag of 32,500 Euros. 

The company will build a limited-edition series of 100 motorcycles that will be numbered and signed. Customers can pre-order them and they should take delivery in Q1 of 2021. You can pre-order the bikes now on the company’s website.