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Sora Motorcycles Reveals the Lito 2.0 Electric Bobber

Sora Motorcycles
Image from Sora Motorcycles

Round Two With the Lito

Sora Motorcycles is an electric motorcycle startup based in Montreal, Canada. The company released the Lito a few years back with a high price tag and high performance for that time. Now, the company has a new version of its Lito electric bobber that it recently showcased at the 2019 Quail Motorcycle Gathering, according to RideApart.

The electric bobber features a liquid-cooled, three-phase, permanent magnet AC motor. That motor connects to an 18 kWh battery. This pairing makes the bike good for 180 miles per charge. This is a significant improvement over the first Lito.

The bike takes five hours to get to full charge. The guys at Sora Motorcycles managed to cut out some weight, too. The new bike is 25 pounds lighter and comes in at 550 pounds. That means the motor that makes 108 hp and 66 lb-ft of torque can shoot the Lito from 0-60 mph in just three seconds. The bikes top speed is 120 mph. 

The bike is made up of aluminum and carbon fiber. It also features some of the best components and parts around. Still, its $82,250 price tag is absolutely outrageous. I’d rather buy two Harley LiveWires and maybe a third bike rather than Sora’s aluminum-carbon electric bobber. The company plans to only make 20 hand-assembled bikes, which means they won’t have to find too many schmucks with deep pockets to fork over the money.

I think the bike looks cool. Its power and range get a thumbs up from me, too, but what the heck is with the price. Carbon and hand assembly doesn’t come cheap. I see no reason to get this thing over the other options out there. With that said, it’s clear electric bike startups will keep on popping up.

If you have over $80,000 sitting around and don’t know what to spend it on, head over to Sora Motorcycle’s website and plop it down on a preorder, and once you get the bike, let me ride it. I’m curious to see what that kind of money gets you.