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Some Companies Saw Good Sales for September in India

This Is Good News

india motorcycle sales

Tw0-Wheelers are Selling Well

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on economies around the world. However, two-wheeled vehicle sales seem to remain pretty strong. In India, they had a good month last month.

Hero Motocorp saw massive gains, and I’d expect it wasn’t the only company to see sales surge. Hero actually sold a total of 715,718 units in September. This was a record number, according to RideApart, and a notable jump in sales over the 612,204 vehicles sold in September of 2019.

Suzuki saw a bump in sales of 2.89 percent growth, which is good considering the way the year has gone for many companies. The brand failed to reach Hero’s sales numbers but it saw a total of 65,196 units last month. That’s good for a company whose sales have declined around 37 percent when compared to last year.

There aren’t a ton of other numbers out there yet from what I’m seeing, but I’d imagine that things as a whole are starting to turn around for the Indian scooter and motorcycle market. COVID-19’s impact on the economy may be starting to wane. Even if it isn’t in some markets, the two-wheeld vehicle market there should be fairly safe. Scooters and motorcycles are an important part of transportation there, far more important than in Western countries.