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Is this the smartest helmet yet?

Resolve Group smartest helmet

A British company has claimed it will unveil the smartest augmented-reality helmet yet in London in September 2019.

Apart from the usual intercom with phone capabilities, it will also feature a GPS, music streaming, heads-up display, photochromic visor, LED brake light, crash warning system, a 360-degree camera and “A whole host of other features”.

Adam Wilson from Titan Technologies contacted us recently about the helmet after we published an article about a patent pending on a full-length airbag suit.

Resolve Group airbag leather suit patented smartest
The Titan Technologies patented airbag leather suit

He said they would also have their full-length airbag suit at the bike show, along with the helmet and another product which they have not yet revealed.

“We are not looking for funding as we have invested our own funds into the projects,” he says.

“The helmets are being made as we speak. The suits will start to be manufactured in a few weeks.”

Smartest helmet

We have published numerous articles recently about smart helmets with head-up display, GPS, crash warnings, brake lights and even Honda’s idea for a helmet with facial recognition to act as a remote key fob for your bike.

honda helmet key fob radar smartest
Honda’s helmet key fob patent drawing

It seems a new wave of smart helmets is definitely coming.

The first generation of the Titan Technologies helmet is a guarded secret until the launch in September.

To minimise unauthorised leaks Adam only supplied CAD photographs and said there might be some “small changes” during production.

He says they have now gone into production and have two working prototypes.

It will have ECE.22, TUV and DOT certification and Adam anticipates offering the first generation helmet at below the £1000 (about $A1880, $US1300, €1175). 

The first generation will be made from polycarbonate shell with an eps inner moulded to accommodate spectacles. It weighs about 1.7kg and a coming carbonfibre version will obviously be lighter.

Resolve Group smartest helmet
CAD of Titan Technologies’ helmet

The visor is photochromic which means it changes tint with ambient light. It will have a built-in GPS, voice activation and voice prompts.

Cameras offering 360 degree panoramic views will provide an early audible/visual warning system of an impending collision.

It will also feature LED lighting on the front and the rear light will be activated by deceleration to act as a brake warning light.

“Other functions are a guarded secret,” Adam says.

“Safe to say it’s the most advanced helmet available.”

We look forward to testing this technology and see how much it weighs.

  1. The last thing I want is all this sh*t nagging me all the time … might as well drive a car, or catch the bus.

  2. Fantastic, make riding much safer by not having to glance at the phone for maps etc
    It’s a YES from me…

  3. For when you are torn between wanting to play a video game and riding. And maybe all that stuff will indeed distract you and let you loose concentration; in my opinion, the real safest thing one should have.

    1. Hi thank you for the comment .
      You cannot play video games whilst riding . You are missing the point that the helmet is voice activated all commands are by your voice. For example if you have an in coming call voice prompt will tell you the name of the caller . You will then be able to give voice command of “accept” or “reject” . You are also getting 360 degree view of surroundings …so you can see what’s behind you without taking eyes off the road. That includes the sat nav. Come to the show for a demo!

    1. Who said there is no ventilation? It’s common sense there would be ventilation in a helmet!

    2. There are 6 vents plus the visor making 7 vents . Like the article states many features have not been disclosed.
      Sales literature will be available soon which answer all questions.

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