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Should you register your ride?

Paul Kelly 1The Queensland Police have set up a register for recreational rides.
It was suggested by Police Commissioner Ian Stewart at a meeting with rider groups last month as a way for innocent recreational rider groups to avoid unwanted and misdirected attention of police searching for “vicious lawless associates” to disestablish under the new anti-bikie laws, including the Vicious Lawless Associates Disestablishment (VLAD) Act.
While none at the meeting objected, afterwards the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland and Australian Motorcycle Council said it was insane.
Now that the online “service” has been set up, we find it is also quite intrusive. Check it out here.

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They want the full name of the person responsible for organising the ride, plus their date of birth, phone number, email address and club position, plus similar details for a second contact person.
It also asks for the name of the club or group, distinguishing clothing or insignia, the ride name, how many will attend, where it starts and ends, the route and stops along the way.
Presumably police in the area will be notified. But nowhere does it give any assurances that the police will leave them alone to conduct their charity or social ride.
In fact, it gives the police vital intelligence about our movements and allows them to pass on that information to other “persons and agencies outside the QPS”.
So you could expect they may turn up to check the IDs of riders at the start to search for VLAs. It also gives them the opportunity to organise transport inspectors to check for unroadworthy vehicles.
They also have details for setting up RBTs and radars along the route.
The people at the meeting who didn’t speak up and object to this registration process should be ashamed.

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The register says that you should only use the “service” if you are registering a ride of 12 or more on behalf of an association or club and if you have a valid email address (otherwise, there is a phone register you can use).
The fine print at the bottom reads: “The collection of this information is authorised by legislation or Queensland Police Service (QPS) policy established under the Police Service Administration Act 1990 (Qld) and the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (Qld). The information may be used to assist in performing the statutory functions and responsibilities of the QPS. The QPS may disclose some or all of this information to employees and contractors involved in the processing of this form. The information may also be disclosed to those persons and agencies outside the QPS as provided for by legislation or in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009. Failure to supply the requested information may mean that the QPS is unable to process this form.”
There is nothing on the website that says it is illegal to send in false registrations, but if I know riders there will be quite a jokers who will have a bit of fun with the form as I have. Check out the attached images.
If you have any suggestions on how to fill them out, please share them and let’s have a bit of a laugh.

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Meanwhile, one reader of MotorbikeWriter suggested that if the police get a lot of  nonsense ride registrations (eg Smurfette and the Panty Chasers Annual Laundry Run to Mount Isa), it will waste police time and eventually misuse of the registration system will become an offence and jokers will be “hunted down”.
Those who register to avoid harassment will probably end up being harassed anyway. The result will be that no one registers.
Police will then get sick of having to deal with the vast number of social and charity rides during the peak Christmas season that they didn’t know about.
The result could be that ride registration becomes law.
The Queensland Government has already had to rewrite and amend its hastily drafted “anti-bikie” laws, so there is nothing stopping them from adding this little “gem”.
There are three things we can do: Vote them out at the next election; donate to the AMC’s Fighting Fund to finance a High Court challenge to the laws; and keep riding, not registering.
Just don’t expect this sick police joke to fade away.

  1. Sorry but I will not be giving any of this information for any rides I organize.
    I can see giving such details as to whose is the leader or organizer as being open to litigation or prosecution if any illegal or dangerous situation arises during the ride.
    Some questions.
    What if you deviate from the registered route ?
    What if an accident occurs ?
    Is the leader responsible for all actions of the group ?

  2. Qld govt seriously losing the plot. Tell em nothing take em nowhere, including through the next election. Vote them out.

  3. I think every single motorcycle, scooter rider and postie should register everytime they throw over a leg over, every time they ‘think’ they are going for a ride….put in so much paper work that they can’t handle it, put in rides that you ‘might’ go on each and every day

  4. And those clowns who purport to represent riders’ interests and agreed to this at the meeting should be named and shamed and never ageing claim to be spokesmen/ women for riders. They certainly don’t speak for me. Hello Uselysses….!

  5. MRAQ and AMC didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory either…..very brave to pipe up after the meeting is over.

  6. Wow, another great service the government is providing bikies.
    I think it goes under the same “bend over and we’ll drive you home” service as all their new policies seem to be providing.
    I’m surprised they haven’t just gone ahead and banned motorcycles in Qld!

  7. Future political agendas need these control laws to stick.Unfortunately every motorcycle rider is being personally attacked with restrictions. This is done to create a division within the riding fraternity. description like ‘innocent recreational riders’ as apposed to ‘criminal gangs’ is to cause a division and a resentment and blame towards mc’s and not the lnp for these discriminative meassures against all motorcyclist. The lnp, police and media strategists are working hard to demonise citizens to justify their decisions.

  8. Paul K. you need to consider when the AMC & MRAQ were in the meeting with a heap of other groups, for 1 hour. This as I am sure you would understand was more of a lecture by police than a genuine discussion, with of course limited time to process a lot of info.

  9. You can’t vote them out at the next election. They have such a large majority that even a massive swing away from them would still see them in power for a further three years.

  10. No. One should not have to register a ride with the Police. Why? Currently I own a legal bike that is registered and insured. I am legally allowed to ride it. I still have the legal rights to associate with whomever I please and I don’t have to tell the police that I’m going to hang out with Joe Bloggs and Suzy Sofast. In other words this is a basic human rights infringement on my rights to freedom. I’m not living in China or Russia. I am suppose to be living in a free land not one where the government watches over your every move and can dictate what you can and can’t do. If the Police followed the law then the general riding community would not and should not be harassed by them. The so called law is suppose to apply to illegal activities by certain clubs but the police are reading it as every person on a motorcycle. Personally I’m wondering how many Japanese bike riders are being harassed.

  11. I saw on the news last week more than 12 Police motorcycle riders on public roads wearing a “patch”. Is that patch registered? Did they submit a ride plan? They are known to associate with criminal elements. WTF!

  12. All this is doing is letting the police know where the riders are going so they can be in the area at the time to harass and ruin your day. There’s no way I’ll ever fill out one of these, I’ll take my chances.

  13. Please stop this law. It’s focussing police work in one small area. Premier Newmann’s law smacks of a personal vendetta. Do we realy need our Police doing this? I’d rather more effort put into killing off paedophile rings-wipe them out. Even if the sleazes don’t touch babies/children their lust causes others to do that. To me that is a REAL crime. Lay off the personal shite Newmann PLEASE

  14. “While none at the meeting objected, afterwards the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland and Australian Motorcycle Council said it was insane.” And this is why you are losing your freedoms and why we in the US are as well. People stand mute in the face of tyranny and then go out a gripe about it.

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