Shark’s Parent Company Acquired the Parent Company of Nolan Helmets


Shark and Nolan Teamup?

The 2Ride Holding Group, which is the parent company of the French brand Shark that makes helmets, acquired the parent company of the Italian brand Nolan. Nolan’s parent company also owns Grex and X-lite helmets. These are popular brands in Europe but not super popular in North America.

2Ride Holding Group owns several brands. Many of those brands we don’t see much here in North America, either. So, while Shark and Nolan are the big names here, this deal really is a bigger deal in Europe where many of these other brands are sold.

However, RideApart notes that this acquisition could help 2Ride’s brands become bigger players in the North American market. The president of 2Ride Holding Group said that the two companies are working together now to “optimise all this Italian, French and European expertise in order to offer our global consumers more protective and easier-to-use products.”

It will be interesting to see how Nolan’s offerings change over time and if the operations will stay in Italy or move to Thailand where Shark’s helmets are made.


  1. Deen
    February 4, 2020

    I’ve worn only Nolan helmets since 2003. I really hope that after the acquisition, the company will be left alone to continue to make their excellent helmets.

    • February 7, 2020

      Hi Deen!

      I don’t think Nolan has anything to worry about. Both companies can benefit from each other’s design ideas from what I can tell and that’s why Shark bought Nolan.

      I think they have a lot in common. Both great products.

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